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The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – September 18, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today we speak to another question from a Light Bringer, who writes:

“Total control is being created by those with not such good intentions of controlling the world. What can we do against such odds? 

“Millions are being set immobile in fear these day, and it is apparently being done quite on purpose by the big Kahunas who want to control the world, who already control millions in their fear circle.”

This is a very great issue indeed, and it has much to do with the Ascension process.

Yet there has been growing realization of the control levers and agendas regarding what has been deemed the Light community.

In times past, you would not have been so mobilized and gathered a group as you are now.

You would not have been so aware of the international and intercultural makings of your community.

And you would not be, together, questioning the au regime to the degree that you are now.

Most assuredly, there are false teachings, and what is known as disinformation, to be found amongst the truer teachings and information available.

Your inner awareness must be highly conscious so as to weed out that which is not true or helpful or inspiring for you at this time.

Yet know that the very fact of so many asking this question—asking to know how to deal with this issue, in Peaceful ways—is a very great progression from where humanity was even 40 years ago.

From there, you have only to direct your own response to the behaviors of those who have chosen to live in shadow.

We say “direct your own response” rather than “react,” because as we have spoken of many times, human beings are still in some ways living a great deal in Reaction.

Your survival instincts, present for millennia, were originally there to protect you and your clan from predatory animals, sudden storms, starvation, enemy invasions, and other threats to your physical safety.

These instincts are still in place to a great degree, though they are shifting now, as millions learn to move into the heart-mind, and to stop and breathe; to meditate on an issue before meeting it with action or emotional reaction.

Those you call “geniuses” in art and science saw the miracle of this response centuries ago.

(Note your scientist known as Einstein’s response to not being able to solve a mathematical or scientific equation, for example. Rather than scurry about and think excessively, he would take a nap, and the answer, coming straight from the higher mind, would often occur to him upon awakening.)

Now this stance is being taken on as a way of life by millions around the world.

Of course, many who ask, “What do I do about this?” for one difficult issue or another, may be disappointed at first, as even when they pause to speak with their Spirit team, they may not always receive words or images that indicate the action to take to solve the issue at hand.

Though a meditative moment, or even a brief “check-in” with your Spirit team, can provide such, that is not its complete purpose.

As you get quiet and go inward, releasing the need to react inwardly or outwardly for the moment, you are taking the time to recalibrate your frequency—regarding the issue at hand, and in general.

You are taking a moment to even out and regain your balance. To take on a higher perspective.

So that the crux of the matter—the lowering of your vibration that the “fear lever” meant to accomplish, is reversed.

We encourage everyone to be aware that gaining immediate answers as to the current situations so many face nowwhether issues of health or money or physical safetyis not the biggest issue at hand.

Most assuredly, these are important issues, and you are not abandoned in them.

Yet keeping your vibration steadily high and your inner life calm and balanced now, is by far the greater journey, and the one that holds nearly every reward.

Once you establish calm and Peaceful awareness within each day, your outer life circumstances will soon reflect that vibration in numerous Peaceful and Abundant ways.

The quiet that comes from returning to your center—or finding it for the first time—will achieve the opposite of what is intended from those who prefer that you be permanently off-center and out of balance, living in fear and desperation. 

Anyone is far more easily manipulated in a state of stressful reaction than in a state of graceful calm.

Perhaps many who live out West in the United States will now be saying, “I can’t be calm and graceful while my state is on fire!” and we do understand your upset over what is occurring around you.

It may not be your job to pour water onto the flames, or to assist those who have lost their homes or who have had to evacuate their area.

Yet it can be anyone’s job to hold a place within themselves of graceful calm, of All is Well, for themselves and for all others.

That is actually a great gift that you give to those in crisis now.

For as you think of these emergency issues, whether of fires or illness or economies causing distress to so many nowas you offer your high vibration from the heart-mind (not the survival instinct), you transmit a vibration of calm that reaches those in distress.

You establish within your own energies a place of nonresistance that is also a place of stillness, from which you will know within your own heart-mind what action, if any, is needed.

And you then transmit to those you think of a feeling of real empowerment—a faith in their ability to remake their lives on a new and higher level.

Holding them (and your Earth self) in a loving embrace of higher Light, you then offer a gift that their own stress and fearfulness could never provide.

We wish you to know how intrinsically co-Creative and powerful you are, friends!

We wish you to know that you are the sole architect of your own life, and that others have power over you if you decide that that is the situation.

Decide otherwise, and take back the reins of Creation, and you have erased the effects of the machinations of those not on a path of Light, whatever they may intend.

You have seen how stress and worry deplete your energies, tax your physical systems, lower the vibrations of your words and actions, and only increase dense emotion in yourself and others.

You are aware that this cannot be the way—that pure reaction, and feeling helpless, disarm you in ways that a calmer response would never do.

You have in some ways answered your own question, dear one, as you are aware that there are various traps laid for humanity by those whose power is decreasing daily, as they foolishly try to maintain some foothold by making your final Ascent into a New Earth as difficult as possible.

We would say, they have paid you the highest compliment from their particular perspective.

They would not bother to try to disarm, dissuade or damage you at this time, were the obvious not so blatantly in front of them.

And so, what of your own co-Creative power to remain in Peace, or to know how to return to it if you feel imbalanced in any way?

Has that occurred to you yet, dear ones? Or only to them?

For we assure you: despite appearances, those you refer to do not have “total control,” and well they know it.

In addition to the power of your own presence, there stand behind you a vast array of support systems and beings who will not abandon you or your Earth in this time of powerful changeover.

And so, we know you choose to know your power; choose to be like the Calm that a lake offers on a warm day.

Without hardly any ripples on its surface, it perfectly reflects Grandfather Sky and his floating clouds, covering in stillness the deep currents that run underneath.

In Grace, it flows so perfectly within, yet no waves are made, except for momentary responses to boat, fish, or wind.

Yes, some movement is there, and yet, the Calm returns, as does your own now.

Ground yourself in that as often as you can, ignoring all “reason” that seeks to influence you otherwise, for most of that training no longer serves you now.

Know that you are here to rise above appearance, to eschew false “evidence,” and to mold Truth from the highest places in your spirit.

For this you came!

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan