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The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, April 22nd, 2016

A Message for Your Soul April 22, 2016


Dearest Beloved Ones,

It is with a sense of great moment and import that we address you this day. You are progressing through a massive portal that will enable you to arise to your potential more and more. This wave of energy you are passing through literally through the Earth moving through what some of your scientists have named a Photon Belt is the vibrational equivalent of manifesting more energy and light in your personal fields. As you assimilate this, you will likely feel lighter, more expanded, more open-minded and accepting, and you will likely operate more by what feels right rather than what you have been told is right. 

You will begin to have the experience of knowing exactly what is right for you more and more. You will be operating at a different level – a level that allows for you to make choices based on heart, mind, and body resonance rather than just what makes sense mentally. You have been told that there is no cure for cancer. There have been organizations in existence for decades that have supposedly been looking for a cure. They have received billions of dollars in donations which would stop if a cure was found. Therefore there are people being paid exorbitant sums of money to perpetuate the myth that there is no cure for cancer. Do you think if a cure was found/invented by one of these organizations, it would be shared with the general public?

Dear Ones, people have been healing from Cancer for many decades by natural means. Cancer is 100% curable regardless of what many in the medical and pharmaceutical industries have led you to believe. There is ever growing evidence that chemotherapy does not work to cure cancer and there are ever more natural procedures and substances that do. In addition to that, there are technologies beginning to emerge that have the ability to cure many of your ills through various means – light and sound, energetic pulses, manipulation of energy through lasers, and other means of breaking up the toxic energy that creates any form of disease. 

Everything is energy and when energy is blocked and becomes stagnant, disease happens. Introducing a different kind of energy to break up the blockage and allow the stagnant energy to flow again repairs the body/mind/spirit of disease provided that the energy does not become stagnant again and prevent the free flowing movement of energy throughout the body. For this reason, people often heal from various diseases only to contract them again. When it comes to cancer, in most cases, the state that is called remission is not a cure. The cancer is still very much in the body and seemingly dormant, but in fact, it is like an army that retreats in order to plan its next attack. Cancer cannot be completely healed unless the active cancer cells are eradicated. Cutting out tumors or cancerous lesions is never a cure because the root of the cancer is still there. The same with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can never completely heal cancer because the root of the cancer is still there. So while surgery or chemotherapy can clear up the visible cancer, the root that took years to develop is still there and will grow again into more tumors or lesions.

Dear ones, it is imperative that you all know this because cancer affects every one of you to some extent or another. Cancer and many other illnesses have become an industry. There is more and more information coming out about ways to actually heal cancer by eliminating the root without chemotherapy or surgery. Some of these involve eating pure organic (non-pesticide laden) foods and only pure organic foods. This “Cure Diet” would involve no animal/flesh foods whatsoever including eggs and dairy. It would involve only those grains that have not been genetically modified (toxically developed). It would also involve abstaining from alcohol, caffeine, and other highly acidic foods and beverages which includes all forms of sugar except fresh organic fruit.

This diet may seem extreme, but if you had the choice of dying of cancer or living with a seemingly limited but actually very healthy, delicious, and abundant diet what would you choose? For those of you who say eating organic is too expensive, we say: When you eliminate all those things that cause disease through pesticides, GMOs, or high acidity, you might actually save money. And you will certainly be saving tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. You could also speed up the detoxing/healing process by doing certain Ayurvedic processes like skin brushing, colonic enemas, herbal cleanses, and many forms of energy healing. Any healing modality that moves energy is beneficial. There are literally thousands of energy healing modalities world-wide. It is up to you to find what resonates for you. 

We would like to talk about resonance now. In this context, resonance is a feeling of ‘rightness’ about something. It feels right/beneficial/ in the highest good. If something or someone does not resonate with you, it is your Higher Self’s way of informing you that is not the path or person for you. Having said that, there is resistance which often gets in the way of being able to feel resonance. If you are not open to something and are therefore resistant to it, you will not feel resonance with it. Therefore, we highly suggest that you ask friends, family, or work-mates if they know of any energetic healers. That way, you can learn from their experience about whatever practitioner and modality they have used or know or have been referred to. As with anything else, it is beneficial to get a second and possibly a third opinion 

When you place your trust in someone in the healing profession, it is a sacred bond. You are placing your mind/body/spirit in their care. It is very important to feel resonance with whatever practitioner you are working with wether it is someone in the allopathic medical world or someone in an alternative modality. You are your own authority. You are sovereign. No one else has the right to do anything to you or your body without your permission. If anyone treats you with disrespect, we suggest you find another practitioner. You do not need to give any reason other than “This does not feel right for me.” If the practitioner does not respect your choice, that is further confirmation that they are not the right person to work with you. 

Dearest ones, if you feel like a number, like wherever you are is a factory for processing people through whatever procedure you are there for, that is not the place for you. Some of you have limited choices in your health care practitioners due to the kind of health insurance you have. If you are planning on receiving some kind of medical care, we suggest you pre-screen your doctor/practitioner by going to their office and making the appointment in person IF it feels right for you. You can gain volumes of information by seeing their office space and how they interact with people. If an alternative practitioner does not have regular office hours or does sessions out of their house or rents space and you can’t get a sense of them that way, we suggest you simply call them and ask whatever questions you have. If someone is not willing to spend a few minutes on the phone with you to answer your questions when you call or they are not willing to call you back, that is not the right person for you.

We suggest you network for your bodily care as much or more than you would to get a good plumber, car mechanic, dentist, etc. Be willing to shop around for your health care. By not doing that, you give your power away. You do not have to settle for anything less than what feels exactly right to you. Anxiety about an appointment or procedure can effect the outcome so it is best for you to be completely at ease and trust whoever you are going to. It is worth the extra time to prescreen someone to contribute to your best possible outcome.

Know that the passage through the Photon Belt is underway and as it progresses you will feel more in alignment with All That Is. You will feel more connected to Spirit and all of life. You will feel more in tune with what is truly in your highest good as well as what is in the highest good of all. You will make great strides in your personal life when you tune in more to your intuition and what feels right for you. When you stay in the flow of saying yes to those things that feel right for you and no to those that do not feel right for you, you are being your own authority and acting as the sovereign being you were born to be. The more of you that align to what is in your highest good, the better your life, your experience, and your world will be. 

We are loving you powerfully, Dear Ones.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides