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The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, December 21st

A Message from Your Guides Dec.21, 2015

Beloved Ones,

It is with great love that we come to you this day to share our wishes of good tidings of great joy to you in this season that is ultimately about peace and prosperity for all. That is what is your birthright. That is what the Christ child incarnated to share with all of you. That is what every great spiritual master has wished for you – to know that no one can keep you from peace. Peace is within you and it is for you to cultivate and sustain. And abundance is yours as a divine child of Creator, you have been given the gift of co-creation. Imagine peace and prosperity for all.

We remind you of this with the heartfelt intention that you keep peace in your heart as you navigate your way through this season that means many different things to many different people. Keep in mind that there are those among you who feel no joy at this time, only heartbreak and great loss. There are those who have lost loved ones at this time who have constant reminders that their loved one is no longer with them and therefore are filled with grief. There are those of you who have loved ones that are slipping away as we speak. We do not share this to infringe on your joy, but to help you keep things in perspective – to help you open your hearts to those who may be alone, lonely, angry, sick, forlorn, forgotten, unable to be present and be merry, unable to hold the same joy that you might, disconnected from family or friends or lovers through time, distance, death, misunderstanding, and so many other reasons. So many feel unfulfilled and do not know how to fill themselves.

Dear ones, this is a plea to share yourselves, your tables, your time, your love, your presence with others who may not have what you have, may be lacking a loving home to go to to appreciate what you may take for granted. We are not necessarily talking about making a donation to the food pantry or some other cause, although that is not unappreciated. We are talking about stretching yourselves to be more like the man from Galilee during this season. What way can you help someone or perhaps many, that may take you out of your comfort zone in some way and be a stretch for you but will definitely make a big difference in the lives of others, and therefore in yours as well?

Can you organize round the clock care for an elder whose deepest desire is to be able to spend the holiday with their family? Can you provide a sumptuous meal for those whose only other option is to go to a church or soup kitchen, eat alone, or have Meals on Wheels delivered to them? Can you provide a place of rest and support for someone who is going through a difficult time? Can you be the love you wish to see in the world? Can you show up for friends, loved ones, or strangers in ways they would never ask for or expect? Can you invite someone to your family meal and truly welcome them as part of your family? Are you one who lives abundantly and does not realize how blessed you are? Do you give thanks for your blessings? Are you able to understand that you who live abundantly created that reality for yourselves and you can help others by showing them that Love Is. Some people forget or never knew that Love Is. Love Is everywhere, all the time, throughout eternity.

When anyone loses sight of Love, it has not gone anywhere. It is still there as always. People simply lose their ability to see, feel, hear, say, touch, hug, whisper, smile, kiss, embrace, wink, clap, sing, and play Love. That does not mean it is gone. It is an abundant river that never dries up – except in peoples’ hearts and minds. Be a water bearer of Love to all who need it as you are able, as you see the need for it, as you see, hear, feel, touch those who are withered and dry. Show them the abundance of love that is everywhere for those who see and believe. Whatever vehicle allows them to remember the magic of Love, take them there – through the story of the Magi, Santa Claus, Immaculate Conception and Birth, the magic of equal time of light and dark of the Solstice, or simply the magic of a heartfelt invitation to join you and your family and experience the love you have for each other.

Know that this time has been sacred to all peoples of the Earth for long before one called Christ came into embodiment. Dwell on what is true throughout the ages, for all cultures as the divine truth uncorrupted by the special interests of certain groups throughout the ages. Look to nature and her beauty and bounty to find the oneness of all beings. Look to the majestic evergreen trees that are now cut down with little thought of what their significance is other than to put presents under. Look to the beauty of the red cardinals that are so much more noticeable at this time of year as deciduous trees have stripped their leaves and Mother Earth goes into her barren time. See the bright red holly berries on their dark green bushes. These are the original colors of the season. For those of the Jewish faith, blue and white are not only the holiday colors, but colors that hold significance throughout the year – to remind all of the blue of the heavens and the seas. White is a universal color of purity. Think about the sacrifices made both literally and symbolically throughout nature and throughout many cultures’ legends of this time of year to prepare for new life – new birth of spring. And think about how most religious rites, symbols, and celebrations have their origin in Nature from well before the word ‘religion’ was coined.

Think about this time in terms of what you want for yourselves at a deep level that you are willing to go within to dwell on, to nurture with your life force and measure its worthiness to bring to fruition by holding the intention throughout the winter and making sure it is worthy to plant that seed come spring and water it with your love and attention and intention. If you do not live your life in this way, you are depriving yourselves of the magic and ability to manifest that is within and all around you. Think well on this, dear ones, to create the life and the world you wish to live in, to experience, to be. Know that even the seemingly smallest daydreams can lead to powerful realities. If you are without family or in want of anything to celebrate, imagine your life is exactly how you want it. If there is someone in your life who diminishes you in any way and you know that this person or group is not healthy for you, simply imagine your life without them. See yourselves only with people, who love, nurture, support, cherish, and value you in all the ways you desire and deserve.

Families come in all different shapes and sizes and it is never too late to adopt more loved ones. If you feel unwelcome, unwanted, disconnected, or unable to relate to your birth family, create your own. You don’t have to wait to be welcomed or adopted into someone else’s family. If you have nothing to do this Christmas and no one to celebrate with, spend your time in very constructive imagining of exactly what you want next Christmas to be like for you. Continue to nurture this vision, dream, desire, into reality through the New Year so that again, by spring, there will be something that you can ‘plant’ and continue to nurture throughout the seasons so next year will be much more fruitful and abundant for you in whatever way you desire.

We are loving you powerfully, dear ones. Hold onto the magic of this season, believe in it, and pass it on. If you do not believe in magic, you do not truly believe in manifestation, in healing, in the power of thought and intention, in creativity, and you discredit Mother Earth and the elements and all of nature. What would your life be like without the coming and going of the sun, moon, stars, seasons, birds, love, life, birth, death, healing, rejuvenation, reaching goals, art, music, play, and so many other things you have access to that are born of and perpetuated because Magic is. If you equate Love and Magic, you are not far wrong, dear ones.

You are on the cusp of greater and greater magic. The more who believe in the magic of Love, the more it will manifest for each and every one of you. We wish you good tidings of great joy and the open-heartedness to see, feel, hear, experience, and share all of this and more. Embrace the joys, the carols, the festivities, the tales, the aromas, and the creativity (magic) of making gifts. Relish in the sights and sounds of this season with gratitude and the heartfelt prayer that all can appreciate the magic with the wonder of children and envision that reality becoming true for everyone. And let there be peace within your hearts and all over the Earth.

And so it is.

Your loving family of the stars and beyond,

The Collective of Guides

Channeled by Salena Migeot

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