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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, April 20th, 2018

A Message to Lightworkers – April 20, 2018
by Caroline Oceana Ryan
The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Earth Co-Creators!

Our writer has asked us to address the growing feeling of chaos—of personal and cultural “unraveling” being experienced by so many at this time.

Even if your own life situations are calm and flowing forward at present, you may have a feeling at times that many others are suffering, living a day-to-day existence in which they are wondering what their fate will be, if their particular challenges in health, finances, family, or other life situations are not soon resolved.

We look out upon your world, dear ones, and we see the confusion and chaos you speak of.

We view it more as one views an earthquake or volcanic eruption—a moment in Earth’s current timeline, rather than an ongoing state of being.

You are correct, as our writer commented to a friend this past week, if you have been feeling that things cannot carry on much longer this way, whether in terms of culture, economics, environment, politics, or human relations.

One of the reasons for the extreme disruptions and ongoing media “splashes” of eye-catching stories, is a growing inner awareness that billions are experiencing across the planet.

And that is, the realization that you are only one culture amidst many millions, even billions of cultures in this Universe.

Earth’s energies have reached what might be called a critical mass moment, in which that which was successfully hidden for so long is increasingly no longer hidden: the presence of those you call “galactics” (though you are one of them, as you also live in a galaxy).

There is also a growing belief amongst millions of people now, that each person creates their own destiny, their own life experience, and their understanding of that life experience.

Haven’t we been subjected to mind control and other forms of manipulation, over hundreds of Earth lives? you may ask.

Most assuredly you have, yet the effects of such are paling now in comparison to your growing sense of inner freedom, and inner requirement for human sovereignty—to be your own boss on every level possible—along with the realization that that is within your grasp.

To say this is inconvenient to those who have run your planet for millennia is putting it quite mildly.

They are not only angry, panicked, and engaged in forms of in-fighting amongst themselves that well outrun any other such behavior they have ever displayed before now, in the thousands of years they have worked together to control you.

They are also feeling an increasing weakness they could not have felt possible.

This is due to the photonic Light-forms reaching your planet now, under which all that does not resonate with higher Love shall eventually dissolve, or return to a darker aspect of this Universe, where the frequencies are low enough to allow their existence.

We do not suggest that you spend a great deal of time thinking about these lost souls, whom we send Divine Love and Divine Light to at every moment, so that they may eventually find their way Home (and we encourage you to do the same).

Nor do we suggest that you give way to feelings of shock, panic, or uneasiness as you wonder what your or others’ outcomes shall be, given the current disruptions and inevitable crumbling of the old Earth systems, through which you were enslaved for many lifetimes.

We suggest instead that you ask your Spirit team of guides, Angelic guardians and higher self for clear instruction on how to navigate these new energies in ways that you feel you are gaining ground in life, not losing it.

Now, these new paths will not be as familiar to you as the old paths of working hard, feeling lost some days, wondering if you will ever “get ahead” or smooth out one issue or another, or feeling that your own power to change and uplift your life is limited at best.

Those are very old programs, and they have run their course.

We encourage you to sit with your Spirit team at least once a day, and require their wisdom and their guidance in whatever way will be clearest to you.

You might say to them, for example, “My friends, everything is shifting so quickly. Show me the wisest way to handle my finances and income now. I command forth greater Abundance now! I command forth a life without struggle or debt—that is the old paradigm, and it is over. How do I move forward? I require and command forth your wisdom on this, Now!”

You may need to ask this more than once, as the energies around the majority of you are muddled at present, for different reasons, so that it may feel that your team aren’t hearing you, aren’t replying, or just don’t care, and none of that is true.

They hear you constantly, as all of us in the higher realms do.

We are by your side when a family member shuts you out, when the friend laughs or rolls their eyes at you for believe in NESARA’s enactment, when the spouse or the boss or the coworker treats you disrespectfully.

We are with you when you sit quietly at the end of the day, having heard the evening news as well as mulled over your situations, wondering how much longer all of this can go on.

And we can assure you, dear ones—there are emissaries from the higher realms powerfully active in your world right now, whose very presence is turning darkness to Light, shadow to brilliance—and you are amongst those emissaries.

You have come for the incredibly high purpose, nearly overwhelming in its beauty, joy, and power, of anchoring exactly those frequencies required to usher in a consciousness which not only no longer permits war, discrimination, exploitation, or oppression of any kind, but does not even consider those situations to be possible Earth realities.

So that the next time you feel done in, exhausted from the Ascension process, fed up with having to wade through the last vestiges of the old Earth—see any one of us or your higher self lay a hand of encouragement on your shoulder, if nothing else, to remind you that as with everything in your world, This Too Shall Pass.

And let your most joyful, most empowered self speak up, to say, “Not taking any complaints right now! No time! Anchoring higher energies here! Out of my way!”

And more than just a nice-sounding phrase, that is so. You have made it so!

It is for you to decide as to whether these Messages we relay are a lot of fluffy, nice-sounding phrases, or whether they carry within them the very energies of Love and encouragement that your vibration has been calling out for.

We send them only with the highest intentions of Divine Love, that you will be constantly led to release all that which is not yours to carry, and that you will know real joy, and the power and beauty of your true and authentic self.

And we ask that you take from this and every Message only that which resonates with you as being True for your path at this time.

And as always, dear ones, we assure you—you are never alone.



Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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