Love is our new reality

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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, August 28

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – August 28, 2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends! We are glad to have this opportunity to speak with you today.
In this empowering month of August, you have seen many changes, and they are not over yet.
They are building in their intensity so that the changes in energetic climate that will occur in September will not come as such as a shock to your systems.
One might say, that all of the energy shifts and activations occurring in human bodies and consciousness now, come in preparation for the next step up—the next step toward creating your Light bodies, toward building the New Earth, toward embracing your freedom and sovereignty as independent beings and intergalactic citizens.

You may have noticed a change in your thoughts and feelings lately.
Old issues that had seemed solved or resolved have suddenly surfaced, requiring a whole new level of attention.
It is no longer sufficient to say, “I have dealt with that issue—I am no longer angry at that person,” or “I am all right with that situation—I can’t expect it to get much better.”
For there is now a whole new energy of expectation happening in and around you.
You are having to look at old issues and realize that a deeper healing is required, one that stretches back to the events of past lives, as well as this one.
You are in fact settling the karma or old third dimensional density that is yours to solve in this life, and that must be settled before you can make the move to fifth dimensional living.
We will address far more of this in our next Ascension Manual book, which will be out later this year.
But for now, let us say that the Light upon the planet has reached a level that proves that nothing and no one can hide from it.
Certainly, you have lived under great deceptions for many centuries.
Workers have been paid and treated poorly in most parts of the world.
Animals have suffered ill treatment, as have many vulnerable persons who were either not powerful enough to ensure their own protection, or not protected by others.
Those termed “vulnerable persons” are in fact the majority of the human race.
They are women, elderly, children, adolescents, and LGBTQ.
They are workers, slaves, trafficked persons, addicts, and illiterates.
They are immigrants, members of numerous religions, indigenous persons, nonwhites, and those living with disabilities.
The insistence that all persons be treated with dignity and respect began to gather momentum in the nineteenth century, when it was still a new idea for most, building to a crescendo in the twentieth century, into your current century.
You have been asked to accept these inequalities for thousands of years, as if they were normal and needn’t be righted.
Great teachers such as Yeshua and Gautama Buddha appeared upon the Earth to teach the opposite—that we are here to care for and respect one another, and ourselves, and that no one should be trampled on the way to creating or sustaining someone’s empire, or someone’s survival.
For many, this is still a new idea.
The notion that some persons do not deserve to live in the United States, whether or not they were originally born in that country, is being touted by one presidential hopeful, and many are unthinkingly agreeing, though more with his angry, demanding tone than with the idea itself.
You will see now, that there is a separation in thought and behavior amongst Earth’s peoples.
Some groups and individuals will, in the unprecedented power and Light of these current energies, demand that nothing on the Earth change, and that the current system snap shut tightly to ensure that what little empire remains under the dark ones’ control stay exactly as it is.
Other groups and individuals will see that everything is now up for renewal, for transformation, for transmutation, and for healing.
They will openly admit in conversations and inner realizations where they have not loved, not allowed another their path, and not been their true and genuine selves.
In the midst of this astounding Light, they will come to see what must change before they go on, and they will seek to make those changes.
And will these changes occur because they are grounded in the old paradigm of shame and self-criticism, of feeling small and helpless before a great and angry god?
No, for those walking in this higher Light understand that they are themselves Creators.
Millions are now seeing that they have within them the entire expanse of the Universe, with its endless possibilities and infinite dreams of joy and renewal.
This is Ascension—the change of heart that puts the heart in charge, and seeks to purify that heart with Love, self-Love, openness, acceptance, and desire for growth.
We are aware that your media is still on the path of speaking mainly or only of the negative, charting these rough seas and high winds as if they were foretelling disaster, and yet we tell you, it is not disaster that you are creating now.
We would say, for those of you who are becoming Light Itself, that it is time to clean house now, and to allow yourselves to feel what you must in order to allow the renewal and rebirth that is occurring
Much of that will involve facing the old pain—the old shock of what has occurred in this and other Earth lives you have lived.
Allow your anger, and allow your tears, and love both into a place of acceptance for all that has transpired in your families, your communities, your classes, your races, your countries, and belief systems.
Understand that as Earth moves to Her rightful place in the Universe, nothing is to be hidden now. 
And so there is both a celebration and a realization that September’s energies are the energies of the New Earth.
As citizens of that New Earth, you are the ones to not only celebrate its coming, as if you were being gifted with it or led to it, but to consciously create it.
And so, in this New Earth, will there be joy, good will, and acceptance of all?
Will there be fairness, equality, respectful treatment of all, provision of the essentials of life for all?
Or will you delay its creation, spending more time in division, in deciding who “deserves” acceptance, abundance, equality, respect?
You would not be here at this time if you had not already decided the path you wish to take.
And yet we would ask that you look within, and find those quiet and not so quiet parts of your own heart and psyche that are desperate for your Love and acceptance, and decide now that you will offer those gifts, in very great abundance.
For in this New Earth you are fast creating, there is only honesty and clarity, and all things reverting to the right thing—to their highest form.
And so again we welcome you!
We celebrate with you all that you are creating, and we say, “Walk your path, friends and fellow Light warriors! You came here to learn to Love, and now the way is made clear. And so, begin. The abundance you seek, the freedoms and equality you seek are finally here, because you have required them. And you are paving that path with the same Love you have sought for yourself and your children.”
For it is so, that Love is all there is.
And all of you, as Creators, have made it thus.
Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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