The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, August 29th

Once a person ascends to the fifth dimension and melds with their soul, don’t they become like their soul in their ability to create whatever they wish, in the blink of an eye?

And at that point, doesn’t money become irrelevant?

In other words, if you’re hungry, wouldn’t you just manifest a sandwich? At that point, isn’t abundance and wealth just a thought away?

[The Collective] Another excellent question!

If more Lightworkers would look into their fifth dimensional abilities to create from energy, intention, and clear visualization, we would hear far less about “lack, loss, and limitation” on this planet!

For truly, there is no lack. There is no loss. And there can be no limitation. You have within you the same power that has created whole worlds.

The question then becomes, Are you willing to learn how to remember, claim, own, and actually use those abilities?

Are you willing to recall and again live out your Creative power and knowledge?

The Universe, as you have no doubt heard, is not your parent, your boss, your authority figure, your taskmaster, or your judge.

The Universe is you. It is your partner, your friend, your best colleague and fellow Creative force. And it awaits your realization of just how powerful you are.

You speak of a person Ascending into the fifth dimension, and we wish to assure you that it is not that you are moving into the fifth dimension, but that you are becoming fifth dimensional, and birthing an entire fifth dimensional Earth all around you. There is a great difference between the first idea and the second.

The first idea presents the fifth dimension as somewhere you travel to, or one day, wake up to find yourself living in. The second idea demonstrates that you are becoming a fifth dimensional being.

These beings visit lower dimensions (the third being one of the lowest) all of the time. You don’t see them when they do, because they are of such a high and refined vibration. Your eye cannot take them in generally, unless they wear a third dimensional “costume” that makes them easier to spot, and many do this—to deliver messages, to aid a loved one, or simply to experience a lower dimension for a while for their own understanding and learning.

You also travel throughout the dimensions. Your current Earth life is one such exploration, and this sort of multidimensional and interdimensional travel is nothing new to you.

You travel to higher dimensions in meditative states, and nightly in your sleep state, when you “visit” your soul family and twin flame, to joyfully connect and to work on your soul mission together. We say “visit” in quotes, because it is not truly a visit—you never actually leave them.

This is because aspects of your consciousness are constantly in the higher dimensions. Your higher self is always sending Light and information to your Earthly self, helping to upgrade your DNA to assist in your Lightbody development, and simply sending comfort and aid, wisdom and higher Love. It is simply that in your sleep state, more of your consciousness is freed to rise to greater heights.

This is why loved ones—both loved ones who have left the Earth, and those who are still here—can speak to you about important matters, or simply visit with you at night, in what seem to be dreams. (They are far more than that.)

And it is why, upon awakening some mornings, you will have the feeling that you just at that moment returned from a long trip, or just returned to your body—your part of the world, or to the Earth in general. Or that you were a moment ago in deep meditation or conversation with someone or some higher energy presence.

None of this is your imagination. You are becoming increasingly fifth dimensional at every moment—the process is already occurring. And so, your fifth dimensional abilities are already becoming apparent to you. Simply wondering what your fifth dimensional self is capable of, is one clear indication that you are stepping into that new life, moving into that higher frequency or “reality,” as Earth folk call it.

And so we would say, Take the steps required between where you are now, and that moment when you manifest “in the blink of an eye”! For many, this will require manifestation abilities that go higher than those of the fifth dimension. And yet, yes—this is possible.

And so we ask, Are you willing to learn?

You will say, understandably, “I’m not an initiate at the Jedi Academy, thank you! I don’t have the advantages of learning the techniques of working with the Force (the Source) like those who are working with manifestation masters! How would I even begin?”

And we would say, that if you are even asking that question, you have taken the first step.

Your voice and your words are part of your co-Creator equipment, and must be treated with as much care and respect as you show sacred objects or powerful weapons.

Understand several things: that your voice is one powerful source of creation, as are your thoughts. Your words—particularly, that which you write down or commit to memory and say daily, whether you read or recite—are a powerful tool that no Jedi would ever underestimate.

And so, consider from now on that your voice and your words—every phrase, every sentence, however innocuous and mundane they may seem—are part of your co-Creator equipment.

They must be treated as carefully, as reverentially, and with as much respect and care as you have been taught to show sacred objects or powerful weapons.

And of course, words can be used for both battle and sacred ritual. But consider an even higher use—that of co-Creation. For what you say goes out into the air—the energy-alive substance that surrounds you and runs through you and everything in your Universe, all of the time.

This is the great Current of Intelligence, Aliveness, and Understanding. And your words flow out into it, seeking to manifest outwardly in some way, whether hidden or obvious.

Does everything I say or write manifest? you will ask. And we would say, to some degree or another, yes, it does.

That which you back with powerful certainty, intention, and emotion manifests all the more quickly, noticeably, and in larger terms, than that which you speak of with no emotion, no emphasis, no personal interest, no accompanying visualization, and no expectation of manifestation.

Yes, the manifestation is still there, but may not become visible in your world, remaining in energetic form until you again call upon it to appear. Or it appears in ways so small that you do not make the connection between your words and your manifested “outer reality.”

Again, we use quotation marks around “outer reality” because that phrase has been given a strong meaning in your world—the outer proof that the scientist in the midst of a study or experiment requires, to tell whether certain actions have produced noticeable outcomes.

But we assure you (and you are already aware), that manifestation does not have to be physical to be “real.”

You know intuitively, for example, when you have affected another’s life for the better. An image of them will pop into your mind—they may be smiling, and thanking you from the heart.

No words, just an impression that is clear to you. There appears to be no “outer reality” involved. They are not in the room with you. Yet the experience—the manifestation—is very real.

This is one reason why your soul or higher self will withhold from you certain “outer manifestations”—money and other forms of abundance that you can see, hear, or touch.

You came here to understand the nature of energy and creation from the desperately narrow viewpoint of the third dimensional human. And the first step in that understanding is to realize that everything is real, and everything is alive—that which you see, and that which you do not see . . .
Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and link to
Thank you.


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