The latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, Way-Showers!

We are aware that many of you are highly impatient for the changes you have dreamt of for so long to take place in this world, in ways that are not only “noticeable,” but which transform your daily lives.

And though we have already noted a number of areas where these changes are already taking place, we wish to make clearer how they affect your daily life.

For you are looking for very great shifts now.

You have envisioned a life of freedom from not only the system of financial debt, and from the ongoing pressure to maintain your daily living in ways that are difficult and painstaking.

You have also envisioned living the life you desired as a child—one of freedom of expression, of joy and exploration, of aiding others, or expressing your creativity (which is a great and positive help to others).

You have dreamt of cleaning up Lady Gaia’s beautiful Earth, Her air and Her waters, and ensuring her plant, mineral, and animal life were accorded the respect and loving care they deserve.

And you have asked—increasingly, commanded—that all oppressive systems on the Earth, whether domestic, governmental, financial, religious, or educational, be transformed from the inside out, so that those in charge are Bringers of Light, working with fifth dimensional intentions and forms, and fully releasing the third dimensional actions of force and division.

Understand that all of these changes are already being birthed, but that they are brought forth first in your own consciousness.

You are not creating a world in which certain things suddenly happen to “fix everything” for you, where ships suddenly appear in the sky and dissolve the old structures, instituting new fifth dimensional structures in their place.

Could this sort of positive intervention happen? Has it happened, in isolated instances?

Yes, some intervention has already occurred, and is still occurring.

Ship in Clouds Over Lake

You may have heard of starships appearing to disengage a nuclear missile as it was being deployed from its silo—there are reports of such from your military, and from others around the world, and they are not fabricated.

But what we speak of now is not a fifth dimensional reality that is handed to you (for that cannot occur, for any civilization), but one which you create yourself.

Now you will ask, “How do I do that, when I have no idea how to create a fifth dimensional world?”

And we would say, that you are already doing so.

With each powerful energy wave pouring onto your planet, every particle of Light data pouring into your crown chakra and absorbed by your entire being, you are transforming into exactly those higher beings who, with their very presence, have the power to create a New Earth and bring it into being.

You need no third dimensional ways to bring down old governments, financial systems, or other corrupt entities.

Because NESARA law already exists, and is ready to ensure that this dismantling of the old takes place in perfect ways, in accordance with both your common law and Universal law.

We speak of your own presence, your own powerful transmissions of Light and new, higher thoughtforms–your vision for life on Earth as it can be, and as it is now becoming.

And we speak of your encapsulation of these higher energies. For you at every moment anchoring them as the new reality for Earth Herself.

The intervention you have cried out for, that Gaia Herself has cried out for, is indeed occurring, but in transmissions of Light that introduce higher frequencies to the Earth.

All of you and the planet Herself are now mixing and resonating with those frequencies, as being increasingly natural to your consciousness and physical being.

Every particle of Light that you accept as part of your own vibration now, is helping to free your planet from thousands of years of oppression and dark control.


Every new higher level you attain opens your heart-mind and your soul intentions to a level that puts you more fully where the legions of Angels and Archangels surrounding the planet are increasingly able to step into your world, and do more of their beautiful work there.

This means that new and empowering events, thought-forms, inventions, and social and economic forms, are becoming all the more possible and real for you, paving the way for everyday fifth dimensional life.

And so—are you being rescued?

Most assuredly. But it is all of you who are doing the rescuing. For yourself, and for your planet.

All of us in the higher realms are merely coming forward to support what you and your planet have already decided upon.

Our interventions are not only possible but permissible under Universal law, and not only due to what you have suffered as your free will was taken from you.

They are made possible by your expectation, powerful intention, and your command, from the depths of your being, that This Changes Now.

And so, yes—you will see more of the old infrastructure crumbling, as those who must answer for their crimes lose their foothold in a fast-dissolving power structure, and as their lies and hiding places no longer ensure their separation from the Light of Truth.

You will see the Earth burst forth in places with floods and earthquakes and other apparent disasters, as She throws off the toxicity of the old system.


And you will see your own energies break forth, however uncomfortable and strange that may seem at times, as your body, mind, and spirit throw off the toxicity of the third dimension, and lift every cell into the empowering presence of your higher self.

You have heard the phrase that “NESARA isn’t only about the money,” and we would say, that is a very great understatement.

For though you tire of the day to day grind of working to pay bills, and holding yourself and others above the waves of this great sea of life you are in, understand that that sea is changing now.

That great sea is the energy of life on this planet, and it is molding itself to what you yourselves have decided will be your new reality.

You are not “waiting” for anything. You are a vital member of that group who now “call the shots,” who decide how whole cultures and countries will be fairly and equitably run, with respect and compassion for all.

You are of the Intergalactic Confederation and the Ashtar Command, and are no one’s slave, awaiting rescue.

Stand up (right now), and say with us, for we will all of us say it with you, “I release all the passivity and smallness I was trained to live in. I command forth NESARA law now! I command forth the New Earth now! I give thanks.”

Say it and mean it, as our writer would say.


And know that this old programming you fell into many centuries ago, to wait for whatever scraps the master  throws from his table, is crumbling now, and need no longer direct any part of your day, your thoughts, your understanding of life.

This new empowerment stands by and waits for you to step into it, fully and joyfully.

Do not keep it waiting any longer.

Namaste, dear ones! We are constantly with you.


Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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