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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, August 7

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – August 7, 2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends! We are glad to have this opportunity to speak with you today, particularly during this empowering and auspicious time upon Earth, as you enter the Lion’s Gate portal of 8-8-8 (August 8, 2015).
We are aware that many are feeling the powerful effects of these energies now, and at times, wondering when they will be abated.
We would say, that rather than feeling the shifts in your energy as great and powerful waves knocking you down, that it will be more helpful to see yourselves as gaining the ability to stay afloat in great depths, and to ride these great waves, rather than be overcome by them.
There are billions of helpers available to aid you now.
They stand at your side, in forms recognizable and unrecognizable by you, except where ancient memory might allow you to recall the many intergalactic races and beings you have met over numerous lifetimes.
This is a Light Being presence, one that is aiding you in reaching up to the next great step before you.

There are in fact special beings whose job it is to aid you in reaching into the higher frequencies now, in ways that will feel natural, despite some growing pains.
For you are in the introductory stages of becoming Galactic citizens, in a very conscious and outwardly expressed way.
Opabin Waterpark (06-22-15)
These good and beautiful beings are here to offer you an energetic hand in integrating all that you are receiving now.
You may feel exhausted some days—this is normal.
For despite the helps you are receiving, your inner “electrical” system, which is your developing Lightbody and your brain and central nervous system, are responding to far higher frequencies than you have ever had to assimilate previously.
You may have times where you wonder if it is healthy or even possible to allow in these intense new levels of Light now pouring into the planet, introducing themselves over this next week and continuing to build over these next three to four months.
We assure you that with some adjustment and integration, you will indeed be able to withstand and in time, bask in these energies. 
They will not only rejuvenate and heal your body’s systems, but will continue to lift your thought and internal energies of emotion and inner awareness, to a level well above the third dimension.
It is natural that you would feel to be of two worlds at the moment, for indeed, in this transitional time, you are.
Yet this is not unusual for a multidimensional being!
You already travel to other dimensions in your sleep—and have since you were born here—and receive visits from beings in higher dimensions at that time as well (and throughout your day, though you are not aware of that which spins at too high a vibration to yet be seen with your physical eyes).
Understand that this third-dimensional model of being that you volunteered to return to one last glorious time has never been your natural state.
In your true form, many of you are pure and beautiful Light energies, some of which resemble geometric structures, others which are undulating flames or balls of Light and color.
Others of you are most comfortable in the bodies of those indigenous to your home planets.
Some are what are termed bird people or Avians, others are Paschats, horse people, or cetaceans.
Others are human-looking (as you would term it), yet are of green or blue or other colors, and are far shorter or taller than what you are accustomed to seeing.
There are far too many races of beings to mention, and yet we would encourage you to be open to learning about the different races, worlds, and galaxies (and universes).
For in this era in which formal Disclosure regarding the Galactic presence is now fully assured, you are the ones to aid those who will be unsure and uncertain regarding these new people now showing themselves, who have apparently been living upon or visiting the planet for many thousands of years.
Many of you have felt this presence for a very long time.
You have had mental images or dreams in which you understood that you were being visited, observed, or in some way contacted by those from other worlds.
Some of you were intrigued by this, other worried or fearful, others utterly at home with it.
It is time now to understand that part of your work as bearer of the Light during this unprecedented time is to become as learned and as comfortable as possible with those from beyond your borders.
You may wish to view yourselves as translators or transmuters of energy and ideas, or as ambassadors, architects of the New Earth, instructors of languages or symbols, or one of the many other roles that Lightworkers have taken on at this time.
How am I to know my role? you may ask, and that is understandable.
It is part of your mission here to discover your true identity and the role you volunteered to take on, and to encourage those around you to do the same.
Meditation, in which you daily speak with your guides, higher self, and Angelic guardians, is a vital part not only of your Ascension but of the fulfillment of the outer role you took on before incarnating here.
You are well up to the task of asking, and asking often, What am I meant to do here? Where is my tribe of supportive fellow Lightworkers, and how do I connect with them?
What is my true identity, and what is my mission?
Ask, and keep asking, and require clear answers, for they will find their way to you, whether or not you receive clear words or images in your meditation time.
The meditation is there to clear a landing field you might say, onto which the answers are invited in.
Mentally turn to your guides and Angels throughout the day, and ask to know what role you serve in this New Earth.
For there is no more waiting: it is here.
And there can be no loss, though the forms of the third dimension, including some outer forms of beloved beings, may fall away.
As it is written in one of the Narnia Chronicles, “There are no accidents with Aslan.”
He is a great Lion—a Creator, as are all of you.
As is the much-loved Cecil who was lost from Zimbabwe recently. His passing was not ill-timed.
He has rejoined his clan in the higher realms, where his task has been elevated to the pouring of greater energies into the Lion’s Gate portal.
Those energies are there to aid all who wish to progress at this time, and will aid in the creation of many new forms of a fifth dimensional level.
They are also dissolving and dismantling the very structures that have held Earth back for so long, from the Ascension She so desired.
And so—through the wardrobe door* we go!
The adventure has only just begun.
*In The Chronicles of Narnia, the children first enter the world of Narnia through the back of an old wardrobe.
Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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