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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, December 4th

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – December 4, 2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you on this beautiful day.
There are many powerful changes occurring now, both on and around your Earth.
Though it is so that there seem to be more than the usual disturbances, in terms of what are called “mass shootings,” understand that these forms of violence occur in many places upon the Earth every day.

And that you tend to hear of them, and to react with shock and concern, due to media attention shining a light on certain events, while intentionally ignoring others.
There are numerous crimes against humanity now being committed, and that have been committed, around your Earth, all of it unacceptable to you.
And you will note that only certain injustices are revealed to you, while others are hidden, according to whichever choice supports the dark hats’ purposes.
Yet we would encourage you to lift your eyes from that which you are aware of, and to lift your vibration from its unconscious knowledge of those injustices the news channels do not announce, and to realize that these disturbances seem particularly harsh and difficult now, for a powerful reason.
The energies reaching the Earth now, and with them, the level of mass consciousness, have reached a new and unprecedented higher level, making this time of the approaching 12-12 a particularly powerful one in terms of escalating the vibration of not only the Earth Herself, but of humanity as a whole.
As they note this increasing crescendo, the dark hats will be particularly active, and particularly desperate, in working to keep humanity’s vibration as low as possible.
And the lowest possible vibration? Fear. Followed soon by grief and shock.
They have used these manipulations to control you for many thousands of years, and are greatly unhappy now to see them not working as well as they once did.
You will note how the world came together after what has been called “the Paris attacks” (though attacks were occurring elsewhere in the world at that time as well).
Similar to the unification of thought and feeling that occurred after September 11, 2001—the compassion, the protectiveness, the desire to help and support others, the unity displayed worldwide after the November attacks in Paris showed a different world than humanity has seen for millennia.
You will note that there is an effort now to prove that it was specifically Muslims (or Arabs) who attacked people in Paris, and more recently, in San Bernadino, California.
This is an intentional deception; a perpetual Muslim/Christian war is part of the New World Order grand plan, but that plan is dissolving more quickly than the dark hats are able to keep track of.
They are aware that they are losing support among the many minions who have kept their operations moving for so long, but they are not aware of how quickly and how many of these are leaving or about to leave the corporations, agencies, and corporate governments they have been slaves to.
They are also insensible to the full effect that these attacks are having on Earth’s people, in the new environment of a higher-frequency Earth.
In your new and increasingly fifth dimensional environment, Unity consciousness is overcoming fear consciousness, by leaps and bounds.
So that while the corporate media and certain factions within the US government seek to make it appear that the vast majority of citizens in the US do not want Syrian refugees (or any immigrants) to cross their borders, in fact, the opposite sentiment is growing.
There is an increasing sense amongst the peoples of the world that you are here to believe in, trust, and care for one another.
Not to control, manipulate, kill, or ignore one another’s plight, but to offer aid, comfort, and compassion wherever needed.
This great wave of compassion and concern—all the more greatly encouraged with each tragic occurrence—is itself enough to greatly move Earth out of the third dimensional maelstrom that held your planet in quarantine for so many centuries.
Then why, you may ask, do I only hear the stirrings of war everywhere—the consensus of the experts that though it will be useless to solve anything, more soldiers, guns, and bombs are needed to “respond to” or “solve” the madness on our streets, in the Middle East, and elsewhere?
We would say, you do yourself a very great favor—and save your vibration from a dangerous dip downwards—when you avoid and turn away from news reports and media discussions of all kinds, except those exceptional reports that relay the spiritual/vibrational occurrences on your planet, and explain these disruptions as outer indications of these.*
For here is your truth: You are no longer a planet of beings given only to the outer and the obvious.
You are no longer ready to be manipulated by the vibrations transmitted by certain sounds and images on screens and pages, while ignoring your intuitive knowing that what you are being fed is a steady diet of despair, so that those who were once in control can continue to harvest your fear energy for their own purposes.
You do well to avoid places of worship that teach a theology of fear, of separation, of loss and sacrifice.
Avoid the manipulations of the commercial world, assuring you that the only comfort in all this upheaval is to be found in a larger television set or a new computer.
Bless and release those people who are muttering racist comments based on the ignorance that fear breeds.
And release your own need to be angry and feel separate from others, even those who are furthering these trends and the actions that stem from their own desperation.
For they have lost their struggle to stay in control, and in your heart of hearts, you know this.
And so you move further into this miraculous time—not only a season of giving and compassion, but a miraculous moment astrologically, when the individual and the group are both empowered to create higher vibrational structures in both heart and outer world than you have seen for millennia.
This is why you came—to feel and celebrate this astounding, beautiful, beyond-empowering moment.
Let no one take it from you.
For nothing is out of control in this Universe.
All is unfolding in perfect time and way, including the passage of some souls from their Earth life to that of the higher dimensions.
Send them the Divine Light and Love you are daily coming to know more and more, and know that All is Well.
Remember that you are never alone, never abandoned to any part of your beautiful Ascension path, no matter how steep or rough it may feel some days.
Namaste! Join us in the higher realms in your daily meditations, as legions of Angels sing your planet’s freedom!
We are with you, always.
[*Highly recommend the news updates from the Rainbow Roundtable crowd — click onto Radio tab at for days and times.]
Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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