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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, February 4, 2016  

The latest guidance from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.
We see many, many changes occurring in your outer world, all of them leading you into the beauty and daily reality of life on a fifth dimensional planet.
We are aware that much that is occurring does not seem to be coming from the Light.
You are seeing disturbances—in the weather, in the news headlines, in governments, in your families and workplaces, and in your own heart-mind.
It may feel at times that these energetic earthquakes, both small and large, are a sign that things are getting worse, not better.
Yet know that these things are happening not to keep you in the shadows of the third dimension, but because you are actively stepping out of them.

You are not being “rescued” by some great Galactic force that is doing for you the work of constructing a New Earth, including the many disclosures and revelations that must come before that.
You are not being owned and operated, corralled and herded by an overt force that claims to be your authority, as humankind once might have been.
Nor are you losing yourself in the void of transition—not the inner transitions of your own life, nor the larger outer ones that affect whole communities, countries, and continents.
You are doing as any explorer would do—cutting away at the undergrowth and scaring off the predatory beasts as you create a path where none has ever existed before now.
We would say, that chief among the disturbances are those that affect your own heart, mind, body, and spirit.
It can be a jarring experience to have highly involving dreams that you cannot remember upon awakening.
Or to awaken in the middle of the night and feel that a presence is with you—perhaps you were just in conversation with a group or individual, but again, cannot remember what about.
It can be unsettling, even upsetting to experience the need for changing your job, your relationship, your TV and internet habits, the way you eat or exercise.
Suddenly there are new needs, new preferences, new ideas or people or places that draw you toward them.
And these impulses and requirements come with the knowledge that you must let go of the old in order to make room for the new.
And so how does a person remake their life, exactly?
We would say, it is best to do it in steps that are manageable, calm, considered, and led by the higher wisdom of those you brought in to support you throughout this life journey, before you incarnated—your higher self, Angelic guardians, and spirit guides.
Though it may feel rocky at times, this great Changeover From Within does not have to feel like a building toppling down around you.
Your etheric support team (Divine helpers some call them) are here to aid and encourage you with exactly the wisdom you need, whenever you need it.
But you must ask.
Because it is a crucial part of your journey into the fifth dimension, that you realize that you are not alone, even though it may look that way at times.
And that you reach out to those already in and speaking from higher dimensions, and learn to become comfortable doing so.
They are always there, ready to respond, to reach out and supply you with answers, wise insights, encouraging readings of a situation or person.
And to explain the next step in your beautiful, ever-unfolding life purpose.
And so we would say, that if you are able to sit quietly for a moment—Now is good!—and simply say to your support team, “My friends—what do I need to know right now?” that you would in that one moment begin removing more of the bumps and jolts of this New Earth journey than you could know.
For you will have started a habit, if you have not done so already, of turning to your helpers and asking for their guidance, rather than insisting on the third dimensional belief that the only beings worth interacting with are those you can physically see.
They are most assuredly real, and they are in the room with you now, in more beauty, Light, higher brilliance, warmth, and compassion than you are currently able to imagine.
It is time to remember who you are, to remember that your conversations with those of a higher dimension are part of what make you a Lightworker.
A Being who long ago embarked on a journey—a series of Earth lives that required you to hack your way through the undergrowth in a seemingly useless effort, expending great amounts of energy in each life to see, to understand, to milk some meaning out of life’s hardships, to survive.
It’s time to understand that you are one of these higher dimensional beings—new at it, in your current incarnation, but a higher being nonetheless.
You are in the emerging stages of creating not just renewal, but new life—new thoughtforms, ideas, and inventions, new ways of relating to those you love, of doing work that is meaningful to you, of doing what you came here to do.
And so yes—there are days when the dark clouds seem as if they will never part.
Family pressures get to be too much, work stresses are too high, and the whole schema of modern living seems made to defeat and anger you.
That is because you are being shown a better way.
And we have seen your perseverance, and can say, You will not rest until you create it.
So speak with your team each day, and require them to answer you.
If you do not hear their reply inwardly, say to them, “Speak in ways I can hear! Show me what you mean in outer signs—conversations, images, information that reaches me during the day.
“Or use infused thought—an idea that pops into my head suddenly. Answer me! What is my next step?”
And then relax, and know that that information is coming.
Open to receiving it. Watch for it; listen for it.
For you are never alone.
And these ones—your best friends, as well as your soul family and twin flame—have been charged with being your guardians and wise counselors for the whole of your Earth life.
Put them to work! Don’t ignore them any longer—you have a New Earth to build, and a new life to build as well.
Namaste, friends! If you knew all that was occurring now, you would never doubt again.
Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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