Love is our new reality

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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, February 5th, 2018

A Message to Lightworkers – February 5, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, co-Creative, Empowered Ones!

We are pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

And we see that you are feeling increasingly the presence of your Galactic family, even if you do not yourselves see them physically in your skies (though many of you have) or remember your conversations with them, your work on the ships, or visiting them in other realms while you are in your sleep state.

We assure you that all of this is so, and much more.

And that you have, in addition, been moving not only between dimensions both in both your waking and sleeping hours, but moving amidst Earth’s time periods as well.

There is much you are settling now—much that has remained unfinished and unresolved, which many will call karma, and some simply “unfinished business” with another person or event or mode of thought or belief in your own history, or human history in general.

And so you are all Travelers in ways unheard of in human life since Earth’s descent into the third dimension, except by a very few higher beings still inhabiting Earth who never lost that ability.

We call you Travelers, because unlike your predecessors (including your own past life selves), you are moving in and amongst dimensions and time periods with increasing skill, learning to direct flows of energy from your soul and from the Universe itself, stepping into the portals that open up into paths to other times and spaces.

It is so that in third dimensional life, time and space are inextricably bound up in one another.

And yet where Time is no longer an issue, distance is likewise not an impediment to travel or to experience.

And so you are able to move from one “place”—one time or dimension—to another, by way of shifting your frequency, your point of energy focus, and your expectation—expectation being simply a feeling/experience of something before you are actually in it.

Similar to moving the dial on a car radio to hear a different station, you simply shift your vibration to match that time or place you wish to move into, then find an opening through which to step into it.

Some of you are using this to return to events of the past, to work with them energetically so as to shift the vibration of a particular event or belief system to a much higher vibration.

As you heal Earth’s timeline in this way, you also heal your experience of the past—events and experiences that have contributed to the density all of you are now dissolving etherically.

That in turn frees your psyche, spirit, and body to move more freely in the world, without the heaviness of past experience, trauma, and pain holding you back.

You are transcending the past as well as the present—transmuting that which in other eras would have had to be relived in yet another Earth life, experienced each time at perhaps only a slightly higher vibration.

And of course there are also disturbing and chaotic aspects of present Earth life, as She spews out the last of the toxicity that has invaded and oppressed Her for thousands of years.

You may have images of great dragons coming out of the depths of Inner Earth, riding the skies with their powerful wings and roaring at adversaries to Earth’s Ascension, as they chase away or fell opponents—other dragons and beings of a far lower vibration that have stood in shadow and darkness, serving the under-lords of the dark recesses of Earth, physically and etherically.

There are increasing sightings of such beings in remote places, and you yourself may notice and feel Dragon energy more now, just as you feel Angelic, Devic, Faery, and Galactic beings more clearly than ever.

We assure you, you have without exception, each of you, spoken with or witnessed these Beings on numerous occasions, in their many guises as animals, rocks or trees, human beings, or simple energetic manifestations.

They, like you, can send their energy into a place or time without being physically present, and affect all who are there with mental images, emotional resonance, and physical symptoms, whether of the Light or of the shadows.

Yes, you have this ability, though you are only now, in your tutelage to the great Masters, learning to retrieve this ability and to use it in a conscious way for healing, growth, and enlightenment, rather than in the very unconscious way you have used your presence in most Earth lives.

“And so why did I have to take on all this sadness, darkness, and density, when I already know deep down how to transmute lower energies?” you may ask.

“Why couldn’t I have stayed in the higher realms and assisted Earth’s Ascension from there?”

We assure you, there are many, many trillions of higher beings working consistently in the higher realms to aid Earth’s Ascension. You had a more intricate plan in mind.

While in a physical body, you are able to meld your energies with Earth, funneling, channeling, and anchoring higher Light data into the planet Herself, as well as your own body and spirit in highly empowering ways that offer a particular path of mastery few other experiences in this Universe can provide.

In doing so, you also create openings for others—mini-portals—with your words, smile, presence, and inner beauty, for them to likewise move up in vibration, and to step forward on that same path.

None of this is due to simple supernatural skill or insight.

All of it is down to permitting the power and the reality of Love to invade your every cell, while experiencing yourself as purely a demonstration of higher Love, not a being outside of it, seeking it as someone foreign to that energy.

This is the crux of what you have come to experience this time.

It is also the height of your Earth mission, though you each have a distinctly different way of experiencing and demonstrating that.

You have come to express a path different from anyone else’s, and different from anything you yourself have ever felt or expressed in any time-space, ever before.

So we would say, as you notice time and space behaving differently now—days and nights flying by at twice the rate they used to move, places holding energies that are blatantly in opposition to your own, or that flow perfectly with your own, or that call you to a higher vibration—be aware that you are increasing your own mastery of what occurs between you and time-space, and that however strange this may feel at times, none of it is accidental.

Namaste, dear ones!

We are your family and your guides—those tasked with reminding you that you are Love itself, and Creational energy itself—and we are with you, always.
Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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