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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, January 28th

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – January 28, 2016

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.
You have noticed many shifts—some more comfortable than others—already occurring in this new year of 2016, after what may be called a tumultuous month of January.
Understand that you are never abandoned to the process of releasing past energies, whether of this lifetime or any other, and that is indeed much of what has been occurring.
For when Mercury is in retrograde—appearing to move in a backwards pattern—much that has been hidden begins to come to the surface, some to be dealt with, some to be celebrated, but none of it to be repressed or hidden.
This calendar year you are in is also becoming swept up in a huge arc of energies coming from the Great Central Sun, as waves of higher photon Light move through your galaxy.
Though you are at the moment still on the periphery of the Milky Way, you nevertheless experience all that occurs in your natural home, energetically.

We would say that when things pile up, when pressures seem to be too much—when the many internal shifts and changes, combined with the realities and responsibilities of everyday life, gather into a great storm in your heart and mind—consider this: 
You are undertaking movements that create new worlds.
You are in fact creating not only a New Earth, but an entirely new form of reality for humankind, one not experienced previously, even though higher dimensional life has existed on this planet before now.
The particular fifth dimensional reality you are all building is not built upon cataclysm and disaster, though you feel to be experiencing inner earthquakes some days.
But it is one of a remarkably finer vibration than what you have experienced so far in this Earth life, though glimmers have appeared from time to time—joyful dreams that carried you to higher dimensions that you can still remember upon awakening.
Music that transported you to higher realms with its purity, beauty, and connection to the rhythms and tonal frequencies of higher thought and feeling.
The pure joy on a child’s face when they witness what they realize is a miracle of Nature, friendship, or family life.
And the growing realization that you are not alone in the Universe.
We are aware that many millions of you greatly desire to hear one powerful world leader or another announce that very thing.
And that you feel impatient some days for the Disclosure that will be a formal confession of an entire hidden world intergalactic communication, technology, cultures, and civilizations.
We understand your confusion and feelings of impatience, as you wonder how long it will be before such things as advanced space programs, and ET/human contracts and communications, will finally be admitted to.
The moment when that great door will finally swing open on its very old hinges and allow you to see what most of you have been kept from, outside of dreams and stories labeled as fiction.
We would say, that that impatience, though some feel it is not a very high spiritual state, is in fact a powerful intention that your most powerful leaders are indeed aware of—and are reminded of, by their Galactic contacts and advisors.
And that far from having been relegated to the “some day” pile, that announcement and many others are in the offing, and far closer than you would imagine.
You are aware of the veil of secrecy and suppression of information that was forbidden to reach the masses for many centuries.
And yet—you are aware that that tide has shifted now, in ways that cannot be undone.
You may know of a very popular program of the 1990s and early 2000s, know as the X Files, which returned to television recently (and not accidentally, in the greater sense).
In its very first episode, it openly revealed much of the agenda of the New World Order, genetic engineering companies and programs that mix ET and human DNA, media suppression of the Galactic presence, and the production of anti-gravitic alien reproduction vehicles (ARVs).
As these scenes unfolded, they reignited for millions the overwhelming desire not merely to see ships in the sky, which many have indeed been witnessing and asking to witness, but to bring those experiences into the realm of everyday life—to the evening news, the presidential speech, the congressional or parliamentary debate, the family dinner table.
And so, as they say—one step at a time.
For though you cry out for abundance and justice for all, for an end to low wages, mass incarceration, institutionalized discrimination, war profiteering, and other inequalities, you do so not merely because you have woken up to the fact that there is a better way.
You do so because you are not the beings you were even six months ago.
The entire human race is evolving into carrying an energy signature that is a far higher, far more sentient, more intergalactically and interdimensionally aware group of beings than you have ever been.
Those who cannot keep up with that fast-moving tide are being removed to dimensions or planets where they will be able to continue the paths they have chosen.
And so we would say (though we understand your impatience), take time to notice the changes occurring around you!
Take time to notice how it feels to be living upon the Earth now—how openly and easily She relates to you in your times of connecting to Her beauty and Her sacred places.
Feel the prevailing winds on an inner level, and ask your guides and Angels to show you what you have not yet noticed or dared to believe could be true.
For you are moving forward at an increasing pace, and the discomfort you feel some days is not the whole story.
Though birth pangs are unavoidable now, so is celebration.
And so choose now to bring in—to activate and materialize—the next wave of Disclosure and pre-NESARA events and revelations with your own joyful anticipation and expectation of such.
And know that there are millions of Angelic beings raising their vibrational soundings even higher as you do.
Namaste, lord and lady masters of the fifth dimension!
We are with you, always.
Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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