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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, July 29

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~A Message to Lightworkers – July 29, 2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you once again.

We see many great changes occurring!

And though you have heard us say this before, in our descriptions of what your blessed planet is experiencing, we put special emphasis on both “great” and “changes” this time.

You will have heard of the solar rays being emitted now, called gamma rays, which carry special energies that are uniquely structured to aid in the liberation and enlightenment of all creatures upon the Earth.

They are also aiding your Ascension in ways you have not even begun to guess.

For one, you will notice, in this continuous upward movement into fifth dimensional reality, that time is no longer what it was.

The day slips by quickly and quietly, as if the hours were only 20 minutes or so long, while you are at times perhaps, barely conscious of time passing.

Beyond that, you are all increasingly realizing that time does not actually exist in the ways that you have been taught.

It does not consist of minutes, seconds, hours, and days. It cannot be marked.

It merely is, and the “is” is all you need—the present moment is the only moment.

And much can occur in that moment that you once would have allocated to many days’ work, or several times and places, occurring in a horizontal line upon a flat plane—an idea that is a third dimensional construct.

Increasingly, you are sensing other dimensions and communing with them, and those dimensions do not live in time as you learned to do in the third dimension.

You are increasingly becoming used to operating outside of time, in the sense that you are no longer constricted or directed by it.

Your days meld into one another easily—Was that last week that I spoke with my friend, you may wonder, or was it yesterday?

Understand that you are not growing “dim” of thought and reason—quite the opposite.

You are recapturing that higher reasoning and understanding that you left when you came to the Earth plane, or rather, when one slim portion of your higher consciousness took on the veil of third dimensional living.

That veil is quickly dissolving, and as you have noticed, much truth is being revealed as a result.

Some of that truth is outer, and will involve the arrest and indictment of numerous once-powerful criminals all around the planet.

But the greatest shifts are occurring within, and your own cellular realignment and reconstruction are witness to that.

You will increasingly notice now that your tastes are changing.

Some foods will no longer appeal to you. Some people will seem to resonate on a level that feels foreign to you.

Much that you see on television and film, which is still for the most part following the old order, will feel bizarre and uncomfortable to you.

You may feel the need to move to a new town and/or a new home, find another job, or find a new relationship.

Understand that none of this is bad, and that none of this indicative of loss on your part.

There can be a letting go, without the feeling that you have done something wrong, or ceased to fit in with those you once knew and cared for, or ceased to be of positive use in the roles you have long played.

Understand that there is a sort of splitting occurring now, between New and old Earth.

As part of New Earth, your Light will increasingly direct you to do that which is heart-based, following that wisdom that comes from the higher mind, channeled through the third eye and crown chakra.

There is no right or wrong on that level; there is only learning, and forward movement.

You will need to “take yourself off the hook” as they say, many days, when you feel that the new is pulling you in directions you could never have foreseen, and some of those directions take you from what you have formerly known and loved.

Allow this beautiful process, as you would step back and watch in wonder as the butterfly emerges from his or her cocoon.

Allow it, without stopping it, anymore than you would order the wind to stop blowing or the stream to stop flowing.

Allow it as you would allow a child to dance joyfully in the rain—and why? Because you are that child, dear ones.

Because now is your time to dance, even amidst the shock of painful news reports, of economic shifts and changes, of personal changes that leave you exhausted some days and dizzy and confused other days.

Understand that this glorious changeover into Divine government has already begun, and not only within Earth’s outer systems.

It has begun in every cell of your increasingly Light-based, crystalline-forming self.

We invite you to bask in the Light of the Blue Moon, coming up on Friday, July 31st.

This is an important moment, for that Blue Moon is part of the August 8, 2015 (8-8-8) Gateway that is ushering in energies that will greatly accelerate both outer changes upon the Earth and the Ascension journeys of all those who live upon Her.

Take in that beautiful Light, and understand that it is doing more than presenting a lovely image and an inspiring astrological turn.

It is beckoning you to consider yourself a Galactic citizen, a person of influence, one might say, on the cosmic scale.

It is encouraging you, with its brilliance, to see yourself as moving into a place no other Earthly citizens have stood in.

And you are here to enjoy every moment, even as the shifts and evolvements rattle you some days, and confuse or exhaust you on others.

Remember! Remember who you are, on a soul level.

Knock daily on that door, and say to your guides and Angelic guardians, “Yes – I am ready to remember who I am. Tell me my mission, and my true identity. Let the last of the veil be dissolved! For behold—all things are made new. I am of the Light, now and always.”

And so it is, dear ones! From the Light you came, and now, quite conscious and awake, to the Light you return.

Namaste! You are never alone.

Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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