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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, March 17th

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – March 17, 2016

The latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends and fellow Lightworkers! We are glad for the chance to speak with you again today.
We are aware that as we have mentioned before now, that you are all experiencing the immense shifts and restructurings brought about by the eclipse energies, and increasingly now, the spring (or autumn) equinox energies.
We see you juggling a great deal now, as you reroute your physical energies to more completely fall in with your etheric aspect.

Your bodies, and as a result, your minds and emotions, are pushing through the density of the air that has for so many eons represented life on third dimensional Earth.
Your physical selves are transmuting the old carbon-based structure—and not only for the sake of a new physical form.
Your bodies—spurred on by your souls and higher selves, and the evolving nature of life on Earth—are evolving not only into Lightbodies, but into open and receptive vessels of higher Truth, Divine Love, Peace, and the freedom that in lifetime after lifetime, you have cried out to experience.
There is a closing of the gap between that which you call “the physical” and that which you call “the spiritual” or etheric.
There is a closing of the gap that once stood between “logical thought” and the Truth buried deep in the heart, called intuitive wisdom—your soul’s own voice.
There is a widening gap between those who prefer the old service-to-self requirements of third dimensional life—the belief in the separation of all persons, rather than the Oneness of all—and those who are being swept up in the growing tidal wave of service-to-All.
And no, you will not lose who you are, once you turn to realize that this small tugboat you have called your life is a very great vessel, floating in a sea of blue and holding every other living thing on the planet.
You will not forget your own preferences and individuality, nor lose track of those you love, even if some of them prefer to remain on a third dimensional level.
You will not forget the hearty struggles and sense of adventure that you came to third dimensional Earth to experience—the thrill of living in the densely physical body, and exploring both the shadows as well as the Light, and witnessing the mystery of the greater Light that emerges when shadow is overcome.
It is impossible that you would forget any of this, dear ones.
You are not releasing your experiences as if they never occurred, even those in which you were captive, starving, enslaved, or imprisoned.
Of course those experiences—all that is You in the fullest sense—shall remain with you.
But you are taking now only the beauty of the wisdom, understanding, growth, and new realizations that you have gleaned from those powerful experiences.
You are reaping your harvest now, as the gardener reaps full and ripened fruit and other joyful new plant growth, taking only the refined gold of each experience, and releasing the emotional residue, even the bitterest of responses, as remainders that you need not carry with you.
Forgive yourself now for all of your reactions to all of the lives you have lived on this planet, if you have not yet managed to do so—forgive the anger and the feelings of loss, the shock over betrayals and abuses, the disappointment you felt when love or good fortune seemed to eluded you, the questions you’ve carried that no one could answer.
Forgive it all. For this grand experiment has nothing to do with your receiving what you wanted on a personality level.
It has had to do with your experiencing all that you could never experience in your real home, a place of sheer Light and joy, where loved ones surround you and fill the air with laughter and the beauty of their heart messages to one another.
Where you absorb the pure tones and brilliant colors of the Universe’s music, and perform the joyful work that is your higher mission.
In that place, you could never have evolved so fully or so quickly (in Earth time) on a soul level.
This has been a sort of crash course in dark versus Light, and you have been and are an integral part of that beautiful dance.
And now, do those who have for so long ruled your planet with a terrible iron fist, intend to step aside and admit their defeat, and allow the Light to reign once more?
You know already that they do not intend such, just as you know that their denial and refusal to cooperate until the very last moment is part and parcel of the revolution that Earth Herself is now experiencing—in all ways, and on all levels.
And that there is no one to hold back Earth’s Ascension, or to hold back your own individual evolution any longer, as you are the only one capable of that.
This was not always the case.
Yet now, your consciousness is poking up through the imposed ceiling placed upon human awareness for many thousands of years, and what you are finding there, particularly in your dream state, is both thrilling and astounding all who witness it.
Yes, most assuredly, these are rocky times, if you count only the feelings of being tossed from one side of a great vessel to another.
If you count only the days you are dizzy or exhausted or feel your energy has left you feeling low and vulnerable.
Yet we would say, in addition to these strange reconfigurations of your cells and orientations, count the miracle of knowing that your time in this strange mechanism of lower consciousness that was once the Earth is ending.
Count the fact that you are not only witnessing the rise of the human race; you are partaking in it, and that of the Earth as well.
Count the fact that this is your greatest dream, your highest vision—your masterpiece of insight and intention, and your soul’s own creation.
And that in all of it, no matter what, you are constantly buoyed up by a crowd of loved ones—support team, soul family, twin flame, and the legions of Angels now surrounding Earth and those called the Galactic families, in the trillions).
And that you asked for this, pushed forward to experience it, and were overcome with joy at the thought of being part of this grand evolution of new Life.
And that lately, you have begun to realize, though you haven’t yet allowed yourself to put it into words, that the worst is over.
And so it is.
Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, every moment.
Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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