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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, May 4th, 2018

A Message to Lightworkers – May 4, 2018

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Light Bearers!

We greet you today with news of powerful new breakthroughs in realms previously unknown to you, in your waking human state, in which great movement has occurred that is drawing NESARA’s enactment and Full Disclosure of the Galactic presence ever closer.

There is in your world that which operates as a basic law or principle of energy, in that in order for a thing to be “real”—to be heard, seen, felt, or noticed—it must exist at a certain level of energetic substance, so that it can be demonstrated outwardly.

Meanwhile, we see (and you constantly sense) much that exists, continually and powerfully, that does not have visible outer expression in your world.

You chose to come into a place and within a time on Earth’s current timeline in which the outer expression or demonstration of an idea, feeling/thoughtform, or energy wave is most likely appreciated as it takes outer physical form.

Now, we would say that this will not always be so.

For your inner sight is daily reawakening to where you are aware that there is no separation between that which is so dense in molecular structure that you can reach out and touch it, and that which is still forming into a outer physical form or experience.

It was not always so. Humans were not always born with a veil that separated their outer sight from their higher sight.

But this is changing now.

Increasingly, children will not put away nor hide their ability to see energy forms, including etheric, nonphysical beings, nor will they “lose” that ability over time.

And increasingly, you are yourselves regaining your conscious, waking use of that sight which you use nightly in your etheric travels, with complete ease and without calling that “unusual.”

The breakthroughs we speak of are directly connected to this ability to see, sense, hear, read, and respect energy patterns, whether they flow through the air or are visible in or around an object, person, tree, animal, or outer situation.

What we see is what you are offering to us, which is a conscious plea and requirement on the part of humanity to regain your sight to the place where nothing and no one can ever “fool” or deceive you while you are in human form, ever again.

There has been a movement upward in your conceptions of Who you are as a human race (accepting respectfully that some of you are not of human origin, but still precious and invaluable to the planet’s Ascension).

That declaration of inner sovereignty does not remain an inner phenomenon.

Instead we see it fulfilling itself outwardly, expressing itself as outer physical situations, as a natural outgrowth of that which you have declared to be true for yourselves inwardly.

You have seen how once a person declares within themselves that they will respect Who they are, be kind and supportive of themselves and others, and listen inwardly to the intuitive voice of their higher self, that the outer conditions of that person’s life soon begin to take on a higher resonance, a higher quality of existence.

This is because you cannot decide a thing to be a Truth for you and millions of others without the energetic component of that thought/feeling affecting every area of your existence.

And so with that realization in mind, we bow to your mass Declaration of Human Sovereignty—which are basically the declaration of your now experiencing the Freedom, Truth, Justice, Peace, Soul Expansion, Creative Expression, Beauty, and other attributes of free beings.

This is an experience of a level that is not typical of third dimensional Earth, but of the higher realms.

And we are able to work with you all the more capably, relevantly, and powerfully in assisting your higher selves, soul families, twin flames, as you work with Galactic family and the Angelic realms to not only encircle Earth with a higher vibrational tone, but to infuse every molecule of Her existence with that same higher frequency.

So that those who cannot bear to live without false construct are either stepping down from positions of power, being pulled out of them, or leaving the planet—the choice is simple.

Certainly, some are returning to the Light, while others fear their dark masters far too much to attempt any such thing.

And so send them your Love and compassion, dear ones, as you never have before.

For you have viewed them in the past as adversaries, false lords who stole your freedoms and Earthly expressions, stealing your life and soul energies for their own foolish ends.

That is over now. View them as broken and frightened, for that is what they have become.

And realize that that which you have waited for is already being birthed on such a level that great bursts of joy and celebration are even now reverberating throughout the heavens—not because we have decided to “intervene” and bring higher remedies, but because you have called us forth to work with you, side by side, in re-creating your beautiful planet to an increasingly unprecedented higher level of Life.

Namaste, dear ones—celebrate, and be kind and supportive of this New Being you are becoming!

He or she needs your support and Love, even if somedays they feel very tired, and wonder if they can carry on much longer.

We assure you, you are powerful enough to finish the journey you began so long ago.

And remember the great Love that is held for you, always.

You are never alone.


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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