Love is our new reality

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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, November 27th, 2017

Greetings, Creators of this new Earth era!

We greet you with joy at this time that is celebrated by so many as the beginning of an important holiday period.

And we would draw your attention to how, even when the days are not marked on the calendar as being “important” or fortuitous or worthy of celebration, many days are now unfolding that hold the energies of breakthrough moments for you and all humankind.

This cannot help but affect your inner and outer lives, as moments occur to you now that hold a special realization, new wisdom, or new level of insight.

And so you will as we have noted many times, have days or whole weeks when you are feeling the need to shift and change, to restructure what has been held in place for months or years, or even decades.

Some of this will have to do with public life in increasingly noticeable ways.

Much of it will have to do with your own realizations of what is best for you now, and who you are in your truest, most authentic self, as you journey forward with an ever-increasing vibration.

You are realizing more and more now, that each day that dawns holds the potential for exponential growth, the kind that in times past, could not occur in a single day or week, but only after years of intensive study, offering service to others, and many hours in the meditative state.

It is not typical for Earth life or Earth beings to experience accelerated learning from such accelerated energies, and the powerful effects of astrological and electromagnetic shifts and occurrences, now being felt so keenly by many millions.

Yet you are experiencing such, and powerfully so.

Don’t expect that your astrological charts and their predictive findings will alert you to all of these occurrences.

For one, not all planets and stars influencing you are known to your astrologers. There is much that is beyond even what your most learned and secretive scientists are aware of.

For another, even if these bodies (and souls) were known to you, your current systems are not energy-aware and broadminded enough to take in the full meaning of the influences and energy waves emitted from them.

And yet, despite not “knowing” where all of these influences come from, you may expect life to take an upward turn now, and a transformative one, even if some of the changes create a strange sort of shakeup that leaves you feeling that everything is at odds with itself.

We have spoken of how your workday, your heart connections to others, your eating and exercise habits, your view of your life work, your self-image, and even how you dress may all feel to be in a place of unprecedented shift and renewal now, and for good reason.

You are becoming an entirely new being.

You have yourselves been anchoring and ushering in these energies, requesting and requiring them on Earth’s behalf, as well as humankind’s behalf, and insisting that you yourselves take on as high a resonance as your bodies and minds can withstand.

You are doing this to usher in the new era you are laying the groundwork for—and have been laying the foundations for energetically since you first appeared in this incarnation.

When folks speak of the coming political climate snowballing into that which will make the Watergate era pale in comparison, they have not even the slightest idea of the depth and Truth of that statement.

They are feeling intuitively what we in the higher realms see quite tangibly forming, the outer manifestations of which you are already beginning to witness, though only by a small degree.

It is a series of events, a turning of public understanding, mass realization, and consciousness, that goes beyond the demand for justice as you know it.

You now live, in other words, in the very atmosphere of Truth-telling itself.

So that it comes down not so much to individual acts, movements, evidences or insights, but that the very air you breathe is that of a planet far different from the one you or your children were born on.

Many wonder now, “What is my role, in this New Earth?” as if it were hidden, or drastically different from that which is integral to their highest and most luminous Self.

We will tell you, that it is not separate from your most beautiful visions, which so many of you repress and deny yourselves even the images of.

It is no different from those passionate interests, hero’s journeys, and enlightening moments of discovery that you cry out for and have experienced within your truest heart, your deepest aspect.

It is the energy and essence of all of that, as well as the soul identity and luminosity that you are only now beginning to realize exists.

And so, we do not say, “What a shame—your Earth (or your life) is in such turmoil!” We say instead, “This Area Now Under Construction.”

And what are you building, that so much of the old must be completely torn down and replaced, and in such a loud and messy fashion?

Nothing less than an era of Peace, of mutual respect and trust and belief in one another.

Of respect for those who in the past were trampled or exploited—animals, children, the elderly, the worker, the mother, the spiritual seeker.

Of Earth’s reentering its interGalactic associations and Confederation, along with a reacquainting and reconnection with your Galactic family members.

An era of rebirth and renewal, of the eventual replacing of every service-to-self system you feel now to be immovable and inevitable. (They are not.)

And yes—a time of celebration, such as you have entered now, whether you think of this as a time of Kwanzaa, of Christmas, of Hanukkah, of Summer or Winter Solstice, of the New Year, or any other time of thanks, celebration, and renewal.

Yet lift your eyes, as we love to remind you, to a much greater celebration, happening all around you in the etheric, as the power of Divine Light gains increasing ground in your much-beleaguered planet, never to be removed or overshadowed again.

And so, celebrate within, whether the reality of NESARA unfolding, Full Disclosure, or the capturing of so many white-collar criminals at once are issues you can discuss round the dinner table.

Celebrate joyfully with every smile, look, and statement you utter, so that the power of your Light emits all the more.

Others will see it, find it infectious, and join you in your celebration, though they know not why, therefore embracing the new and empowering realization of the New Earth, and birthing Her forward into your lives all the more beautifully.

Yes, celebration—this too is what you came for.

Namaste, empowered ones! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2017, Caroline Oceana Ryan