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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, November 3d

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – November 3, 2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.
We wish to turn your attention to what is happening with the energies that been called “Wave X,” and what it means for humanity in these beautiful, if sometimes difficult times.
You are aware that Earth is the spiritual “child” as it were, of Mother Sekhmet, a great and Light-filled Being who captains a great ship stationed outside the Earth.
Mother Sekhmet is governing those actions and decisions that are affecting Earth’s move into the fifth dimensional reality of NESARA law—the golden era in which there shall be no war, no false lack or scarcity, and an end to the corrupt rule that has held the Earth and Her people in slavery and oppression for thousands of years.
Earth will never again return to the third dimension, except for an aspect of Her that is a sort of off-shoot of her current reality.

In that particular third dimensional Earth, those unable or unwilling to move into a world of peace, prosperity, and justice shall continue their soul growth and learning experiences on a planet that, while it retains a third dimensional construct, shall never be as violent and desperate a place as your current world has been for so long.
As the Wave X energies now flow into the Earth, in a natural and positive way they are connecting Earth consciousness—that of humans and all living beings—with the higher consciousness of the next step up.
That next step is the fifth dimensional consciousness of the intergalactic world that you are now becoming citizens of.
Certainly Earth has always been a part of this solar system, and the larger Universe.
But She has not, for many millennia, knowingly held a race of beings that were conscious en masse of their place among the many Galactic peoples of your Universe.
She also, long ago, lost connection between Herself and those living upon Her—even the animals, you will note, became desperate and fought or fed upon one another.
That connection is now being restored, as all life moves into a higher level of sentience, a more powerful sense of Universal purpose, and a greater realization of the co-creative power available to both cultures and individuals.
This means simply, that the Wave X energies are reminding you that you are not alone, and have never been alone. 
And that you may mold your new reality to experience Earth on a much higher level—and are already doing so.
In the past, those of Earth had to leave their outer bodies to understand the grand and complete interconnection of Everything.
They saw in a single beautiful instant the Love and Light that all are imbued with, down to the very core of every molecule of every thing existing.
But now you are beginning to take on that awareness, without having to leave your bodies.
And now see the difference, in your lives and in your world!
See the difference between government and religious systems where so much has been hidden, and the revelations now occurring in your alternative press and at times, in your mainstream press as well.
See the many millions demanding human rights for the Syrian refugees, including food, shelter, and safety—the normalcy to which all are entitled by virtue of their existence.
See the many millions questioning why there is a wage tax—and if one need exist, why the wealthy and their corporations pay little to none of it, while others pay so much?
Hear the voices of commentators and comedians, pointing out the ludicrous expectation of those in power that their actions would never be questioned, that they would never have to answer a question they don’t like, or that their rarified, highly privileged existence be allowed to continue indefinitely, while millions suffer in lack and armed conflict that the powerful intentionally created.
For there is more to Wave X than mere raising of human consciousness, though that is a great deal.
There is also the reminder, the knock on the door that must be answered, that this is your planet—your home, which no one may boss you around in.
This is not a place to be charged a fee to live in.
This is a free Earth of sovereign beings!
And what does that mean?
It means that your amnesia regarding your higher nature and abilities, and your true place in this Universe, is dissolving faster every day.
It means that your ability to create from Light and energy, from joyful expectation and strong intent, from spoken words and chanting and song, is growing at every moment.
You see your manifestations, and you remark, Why can’t these other areas change as well?
And so you demand clean water, and an end to the toxification of waterways, and of air and land.
You demand fair working conditions for all, and a living wage for all.
You demand an end to war—pointing out that Dr Keshe’s magnificent technologies will mean that zero-point energy will soon stop all firearms and munitions from active use, with or without corporate government approval.
You demand education, fair and equal treatment, and autonomy for girls and women—for all persons.
You demand an end to capital punishment and unjust incarceration.
You demand, and you declare—and you create.
For that is what you are, friends: Creators.
It is what you knew and how you lived in Lemuria and Atlantis, and it is what you are reclaiming now.
It is so, that the powerful energies of Wave X and their accompanying astrological configurations may seem to be challenging you on some levels, with feelings of tiredness, of detachment, of not being able to keep track of time.
Yet know that you have been handed a great key, and one that many before you cried out and prayed for, for millennia.
This is no less than St. Germaine’s own determination that your planet and your human state be free, and fully aware of itself, standing in its own truth.
And you are creating such, even as we speak!
And so in the midst of what appears to be a meltdown on your planet, of wars and threats and posturing of one so-called leader or another, remember that there are great Light Beings among you (some even within the power structure itself).
And realize that your own message and your own creative power is no less than that of these, and perhaps greater.
And celebrate, as we do, for your hour has come.
Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.
Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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