The Council of Radiant Light via Eric, September 26th, 2018

The Council of Radiant Light


We are pleased at this time to come forward as much has progressed in a forward motion, both for this one, humanity and “Gaia” as a hole.

This is a smooth transition though, there are stormy seas ahead and many are not prepared.

In that the light will explode out of the darkness and you will be standing there as if you were naked. Preparation is of the paramount importance not of your physical bodies but of those you cannot see. Held in these is much that can block your progress forward

As you move forward your reality may go out from under you, like (walking over a plank and it breaks). Fear not though as you are to be shown the way forward. As many doors there are we will hold yours open for you.

You must understand that the way forward is to a brilliance not seen yet, but is so close. Your reality is about to break out like that of a butterfly emerging.

Colour so bright and filled with much love. You must understand that your consciousness resides in this physical vessel at this time but can emerge elsewhere. As you exist in all dimensions and realities. It is but a flick of the switch to move forward.

Many will go though the process and much help there will be.

Our blue print for your futures are well guided (like a zipped up folder) and understand that we move into areas unchartered before. Many blessings await those wanting to transition at this stage, working from the Heart and of the light.

We would like “Thoth” to finish for us as the Candle ignites the Darkness, we also do.



I thank Eric at this time and understand that he has a keen interest in that which I have been involved with regarding the Pyramids and Sacred Geometry.

Look up for now much is at play as you move though the “Heavens”. Measurement angles and shapes are to come forward in importance. As this One knows everything contains energy and on that note, your “Nikola Tesla” unwrapped some of these. Crystals will soon come forward heralding clean solutions for light and peace.

The old ideas will be snapped like a twig leaving many speechless.

In finishing as a picture on a “T.V” changes your reality shall.

Lighter, brighter, fluid in motion and it is with you now.

Blessings Thoth