Love is our new reality

The Creators via Daniel Scranton, July 13th, 2018

Enjoy Right Where You Are ∞The Creators

“Relax. Know that there is only one way for you to mess things up for yourselves. And that is to limit how much you enjoy yourselves. You cannot really go astray from the path that you have set before yourselves. But you can limit how much you enjoy taking that journey. We want you to understand that this is a journey that you have created for yourselves. So, you are never going to be in a place that you have not put yourselves.

And we know this can seem a bit scary to some of you, as you do not trust yourselves. You do not necessarily believe that you have your best interest at heart. And what is your best interest? What is your ultimate goal? Is it simply to live comfortably in the world? Or is there a bigger picture? You know you are here to have an experience. And in order to have an experience, sometimes you will create a state of discomfort for yourselves. But they allow you to experience what comfort feels like.

So there is no getting it wrong. You cannot mess this game up. We are telling you this because we see so many of you wanting to get to where you are going, wanting to move to the next experience and to realize all of the goals and fantasies and prophecies, without fully experiencing where it is you are right now. There is no part of this journey that is better or more important than any other.

So where you are was once a destination. Remember that. This experience of your life that you are having is filled with things that you once yearned for. And now that you have them we wish that you would spend some time savoring the creations, giving yourselves a pat on the back for having arrived at where you are, and letting go of any struggle or striving to become or to get to something more. Where you are is as perfect as it could possibly be.”