Plato via Jacquelyn Fox, July 11th, 2018

July 11th 2018

Session with Plato for Sananda

Channeled by Jacquelyn Fox (J)

Greetings Light Students! Today I will speak about some of the issues that may be holding you back from proper manifesting of your intentions into life reality. Until one lifts right-minded notions of Light, one cannot use Light energy to manifest properly in life. One who lifts a muddled energy flow will not manifest the desired results in their life reality. Proper pinning of one’s energy to a target is vital. Reality does bend to Light, but only if the Light energy is consistently focused and applied. Dropping of the intended target in one’s mind can completely eliminate bond with successful manifestation. Meditation can help improve one’s ability to hold a strong focus on the intended result of your Light pushing. It strengthens one’s ability to quiet the nervous jumping of the living mind from subject to subject and pin a strong focus on one’s desired intention.

Minimal Light-pushing can also stifle manifestation. Light energy needs to flow strongly and in a focused stream. The goal in Light manifestation is to bend life reality to conform with Light reality. A strong, focused flow of Light energy will have a strong focused result in life reality. Unfocused energy will not go to waste, but its results will be subtler and broader. To strengthen one’s Light pushing abilities, practice lining up with one’s guides in Light and mind-meld with them. Mild alignment voices itself as a lifting feeling in your body. Naming energy as Light, this feeling is Light flowing in your body. Lining up this flowing energy with making a life reality change is called ‘pushing it.’ To do this, lift the flowing energy of Light forward in your mind and store it there for a moment. Feel it building up strength there. Then visualize your intention and hold it. Open your mind’s eye and clearly see your target. Then pack the mighty Light energy in your head into that target by releasing it with a mental push. Opening Light in this way takes practice, so don’t be in a rush to perfect it.

Confidence in Light manifestation is essential as well. If one doubts the power of Light in shaping life, one cannot fully open their manifesting potential. Pondering in Light can lift one’s confidence in Light, eliminating one’s empty notions of doubt. Quiet confidence will then flow in one’s energy, opening fully one’s manifesting potential. Confidence is probably the most important aspect of manifestation that faces the most resistance by Light students. Placing confidence in their gifts is a difficult bond to develop. Long years of indoctrination in life-denial of Light hold them back in believing in the power of Light. Quality instances of validation are the cure but it is a gradual process that tests the patience of teachers in Light. J knows that pinning denial to Light Truth is limiting her in her education as a healer but letting go of many years of indoctrination is challenging her. My goal as her teacher is lining up enough life validation to eliminate her doubt. Qualifying validations open in life each day now for J, bringing her belief in Light forward. Soon she will release her hold on doubt. Your teachers will do the same for you, making your belief in Light solid in time. Someday a bond with confidence in your gifts will lift mighty potency in your manifestation. Until then, flow in patience and ponder Light regularly. Denial of the promotion of Light belief is the biggest hurdle you will face. Once Light belief is solid, Light will bend life reality to your mind’s desire.

Always remember that God in Light sponsors Light’s bending of life only to lift more joy in life for all. God does not sponsor only lifting manifestations of money, or power over others. That is not to say that money and power are evil. Power bonds one to great opportunities to lift others in life. Money is the same. Lining yourself up with God is the best way to assure that you do not misuse either of those things. Quality pondering with your sponsors in Light lines you up with God. Changing your alignment to align with God is the most important goal of your sponsors in Light. Kicking out bonds with limiting life beliefs is the way we accomplish that goal. No pondering can eliminate silly notions of life completely until one heals one’s separation from God. To align oneself with God in Light, one must choose to do so in life. You cannot stay in alignment with God and indulge in life pursuits that go against God’s Truth. One aligns Truth in Light with life by pondering that Truth and then living accordingly. Just as in the truth that life-quality makes quality in Light, notions of a limited quality make limited quality manifestations in life. Your life responds dearly to the quality of your thoughts. Notions of high-quality produce high-quality results.

The quality of your thoughts is so important that further manifesting lessons wait until your thoughts line up with God. Portions of your Light training will be put on hold until you master your thought quality. J’s open Light is strong now but her thought quality wavers a bit. Only her limiting notions hold her back. Breaking that limiting cycle is my goal as her teacher. A bright Light future awaits her in life just as it awaits you all if you align with God. Lining up with God in Light will charge your Light energy with potent power to lift yourself and others in life. Climbing up the Light-power ladder is a slow process for most in life and the test of patience for their teachers in Light. I hope this little lesson makes your climb easier.


**Note from J: I realize that the language that comes through to me from spirit is a bit hard to understand sometimes. One term that came through in last week’s channeling that may need some clarification was “night-light spirits.” The term “night-light” comes through quite a lot in my channelings. One’s first impression may be that night-light equals dark or evil. That is not necessarily the case. Night-light is a state of being, or state of mind, that is apart from God. Spirits in night-light are usually suffering from lingering life issues, like regrets, inability to let go of addictions or habits, holding onto negative emotions like grudges or fears or depression. This focus of their minds on these life issues keeps them from lifting their minds to peace, happiness and God’s love. Certainly, some night-light spirits can appear dark, angry or menacing, but they are simply in need of healing. Most night-light spirits are just like you and me. They mean well, but sometimes let their lingering life issues cloud their judgement and stifle their enlightenment. Once healing is performed, they release their focus on life issues and move into a state of alignment with God. All spirits are divine, and all are children of God. Those in night-light are not lost, they just need healing.


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