Merlin (Saint Germain) via Beatrice Madsen, July 10th, 2018

Merlin (Saint Germain)

July 10th, 2018

 Channel: Beatrice Madsen


When the veils of the illusion fall and your start to see through, you can in a different way create your reality. You become one with yourselves and can then assume a more focused force, that can be aimed towards what you really want or need to create.

Offer/victimizer rolls that you all have carried out in different formats have now played out their roles. It was necessary that you would have these experiences, and from both sides of the coin so to speak, but they have played out their role. You do not need them any longer as a collective. These experiences of having been victims and victimizers have imparted much pain on you and there are many wounds that need to be healed, from untold incarnations that you have had dear lightworkers and forerunners. As the impact of these roles is so strong in the ether it takes a while before the energy code can be dissolved. This is one of the reasons why the confusion on Earth is so large right now. There is a deep inner feeling among most people that this victim/victimizer mentality is passé, but since the power habit is so strong a gap of confusion emerges with the world of politicians and in the governing layers. It is more as a feeling, not a thought point, as to how this no longer is sustainable.

It takes time – you must understand this. I can hear the answer from you – it cannot be true since there is no time. It is a truth with modifications. Clearly we are moving from to 5D from 3D where the focus is on the now in a completely different way, but it is still so that it takes time to manifest and it is very much indeed… I would almost like to say infinite amount that must be cleaned out. The cleansing process that now is under way is gigantic. Every nook and corner is being cleansed …wherever you turn there is a deep clean up process going on, ahead of the new.

Simply put it can be likened with you moving into aN old beautiful 18th century house, which is furnished and very dusty with mold and rotting wood. You want to live right there, but you must throw out furniture and renovate some in order for them to be usable. You must clean up over and over again. You must clean the rags you clean with and once you have moved in you need to slowly renovate different parts of the house, and you might even need to replace the foundation. In any case, when you have moved in, which we now can see that you have done (to the new era) you can at least relax and enjoy your beautiful house and surroundings (the inner birth). You can catch your breath a bit to again take new measures and start to polish some things. As your decision you invite other people to your house that can participate in the process and even move in, if you want this, or for them to move to the new that suits them.

To be a lightworker is a continuous and on-going job my dearest and you need to embrace this. You will all be rewarded and celebrated, but maybe not always in a way that you right now think that you want to.

A bit later in your earthly time I will return with information about how you can use your own magic.

With support and love from your embracing Merlin.



Comment from Per Staffan:

Merlin, the magician at the court of King Arthur, is one of Saint Germain’s incarnations. His last incarnation was as Saint Germain.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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