Love is our new reality

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The Creators via Daniel Scranton, May 18th, 2018

Infuse Love into Every Situation ∞The Creators

“There really is only one question that you ever need to ask yourself in any situation you find yourself in: ‘What is the most loving thing I could do or say? What is the most loving response to this situation?’ That is your personal quest in this life. It is to become the love that you innately are. It is to be Love Incarnate.

Anything that you do can be an expression of love. You can make washing the dishes an expression of love. You can make an email to a business colleague an expression of love. And it does not have to be overt. You do not have to gush and use all sorts of terms of endearment in order to fill something with love as you do it, as you say it, as you write it.

We want you to understand that there is nothing better for you than to love. There is no higher aspiration for yourselves. You have desires for your life, and that is very good. It is very good to be striving towards something, always. And as you do, make every step that you take towards that desired outcome a loving step, a loving gesture. Make your journeys in life about how you can infuse love into each step.

Start small. Start with something easy, something you do anyway, and you usually put no thought, no conscious vibration into, such as brushing your teeth. How can you make brushing your teeth an act of love? It is quite easy, in fact. You can love your teeth. You can love your toothbrush. You can love the taste of mint in your mouth as you brush away. You can love yourself for taking care of yourself in this way, and you can do so, lovingly.

We give you this message as an act of Love.”