The Creators via Daniel Scranton with VIDEO, May 5th, 2019

Look at What You’ve Been Trying to Avoid ∞The Creators

Look at What You’ve Been Trying to Avoid ∞The Creators

“Take a look at what it is you are trying to avoid. What are the things that you simply cannot face? Allow yourselves the freedom to look upon those things without judgment. We are not telling you to look at them without emotion. We want you to feel whatever it is you feel about these things, but we don’t want you to judge yourselves for feeling what you feel. So you all have aspects of yourself, or areas in your life, or current events, things happening in the world that will ultimately cause you to shut down and look away.

Well, now is the time to look squarely at those things because now is the time where you have the tools to process what it is you need to process and to let go of that which you need to let go of. There is no need to run, and there is no real way that you can run since you are everything and everything is in you. Perhaps it is best to start with the small things — the things that you simply don’t like. Allow yourselves to access these things consciously and deliberately with the intention of feeling what you are going to feel, automatically, and noticing how you feel, seeing this exercise as an experiment and taking note of what it is it brings up within you, so that you can clear those feelings and live comfortably in your world.

Now, once you have done this with the easier aspects of yourself, your life, your world, you will move to the intermediate level — things you have always found to be challenging, that you would never consider accepting. And allow yourself to notice how you get triggered by these things. Allow those emotions to flow through you. And finally, you will take on the task of facing your greatest fears, your greatest anxieties, your biggest nemeses, with the intention of noticing, not with the intention of defeating or disintegrating or transforming. We do not want you to transform what you feel, and we do not want you to transform these things into fluffy little bunnies, or whatever it is that you would find more appealing.

We want you to look at them and notice that they are not so different from you. They are not so different from your beloved aspects. They are just different sides of the same thing. And when you can look at anything, have your response, notice it, release your judgment, and go about your day, you will be better able, more equipped, and more aware of the things that you do prefer, and you will be able to make your life about choosing, rather than avoiding, negating, and running away from. And this is the way that you will experience your world as you evolve into fifth dimensional beings.”

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