The Angels via Jenny, May 3d, 2019

Invite the Angels into Your Life (or How It All Begins)


Come and be in the Company of the Angels.

We invite you to feel their frequency of light.

We invite you to breathe easily and deeply.

Come on in.

We come together at this time of great change on the planet to reintroduce the Angels to all the people.

Everyone has an Angel—at least one. The Angel is given to you at birth. As you take your first breath, your Angel is there. This, your own Guardian Angel, is with you throughout your life. In every moment, in every crisis, in every love, in every healing, your Angel is there, if you will allow.

Inviting is the key. Each person’s conscious inviting allows for the small and the miraculous to occur in daily life.

If everyone knew this one fact of life, so much misery and suffering could be eliminated.

Imagine a being whose job is to love you and look after you, always serving God and the light.

This may seem so simple. The truth in this way is simple. God’s Angels love us, they only love us, each and every one. Whatever the world of men and thought do to try to make us feel unloved and unworthy, it cannot change the profound love the Angels have for us, for each of us, for every one.