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The Divine Mother via Joyful Christie | Febraury 1, 2022

The Divine Mother via Joyful Christie | Febraury 1, 2022

Expanding The Light

Feb 01, 2022

Message from The Divine Mother channeled through JoyfulChristie on 1/31/22

Dear Hearts,

In All Things there is Order.

Even in the midst of what appears to be chaos.

Understand that discernment is needed now as never before as challenging and discordant ideas are presented on the world scene.

Imagine an inky black night, purely dark, so that not even a finger can be seen in front of your face. Imagine the disorientation as you try to make your way through this desperately dark and intense blackness.

Understand now that the darkness is an illusion, a slight of hand and can be dissipated quite easily.

Imagine a simple turning of your attention to the light, perhaps only a tiny pinpoint of light at first or just the promise, the glimmer of a different shade than the total blackness.

And yet, as each person turns their attention to that pin prick of light, it grows and expands in volume.

Consider now, with what is happening on the planet, the rapid expansion of the light and expelling of the darkness. Turn your focus to the upliftment, to the energetic support, to the transmuting of the darkness. Do this with a joyful heart, letting go of any idea of heaviness. Understanding this is transformative and joyful work.

Reaching deep into your center, feel the expansion of the light and the diminishing, the rapid retreat of the dark. In focusing, pull from me My Light, the Gift of My Love, and understand how seeding that gift of Divine Love amplifies and accelerates All that is unfolding. Picture this Love surrounding all energies on the planet and transmuting, restoring them to purely Divine form in Love.

Simply by focusing your attention on the light instead of the dark you are eliminating it. My beautiful powerful creators, know in each moment how the focus of your attention and intention transforms the planet moment by moment.

Hear now my reminder to stay ever watchful and focused as you create and contribute to the collective consciousness of All.

Purify all that you allow to come into your state of consciousness. It is increasingly important to be extremely vigilant about the content you are allowing yourself to consider. As you purify all that comes before you, this purification and return to the Love Universally found in the Heart of One, the Mother’s Heart, is a beautiful and intentional unfolding.

You are now in receipt of my deepest energetic gift with this transformation.

Know this.

Feel this.

Allow this.

Surrender and be transformed.

In your surrendering, create transformation.

Know that All is as it should be.

I leave you with my gift and my blessings

– Dm

Please feel free to share this post and the message abundantly with its’ original unaltered text only. These are the Divine Mother’s words so please do not change or add to this message when sharing. Please site the website so others can find and enjoy these messages.

Thank you and blessings – Christie
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