Love is our new reality

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The Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl, September 16th, 2018

Dragon Collective 9/16/18

We are the Dragon Collective. We have come from far and wide across time, across vast distances of space to witness the rebirth of your world and of this sector, that has held much darkness for much time. It is your rebirth, your re-dawning, of understandings, of truths suppressed and re-revealed. It is time for your wings to unfurl humanity and to test them out. The energies are supportive of this. The beings gathered from far and wide are offering support of this awakening. We are cheering you on, humans. But you must realize that you – you! – are powerful enough to yet do this. The physical body is weary. But you are much more than this frail human form. No. You are mighty creatures! Some of you have dragon blood, memories, within you and many of you have aspects in our realm. It is true. You are multi-dimensional. Those of you who are drawn to our energies are likely a part of us quite tangibly in this realm, the dragon kingdom.

Some of us fell into the dark of experimentation of power, lust, greed. Just as the humans have done. We too were infiltrated with the dark, but rose above. Those of us here today have risen above, have become our higher selves / aspects and are encoded with the Christed light frequency of love. For love is the ultimate power. It is the true way. To love without limits is the ultimate freedom, joy, expansion. It is the true power. The other facade of power over others is heartbreaking, not heart rising, and we delve in this no longer. We are the ascended time lord, comet-chaser Dragon Collective, who look at our human friends through the eyes of Source love. We breathe our fire of love now on you humans, activating your chakras, encouraging further expansion and their spinning. Remain grounded to the New Earth for she will hold you. She will carry you through the vortex of the birth canal into the glorious light of 5D, of New Earth. Hold these words close to your heart. Ingrain them within your core. It is your roadmap. Christed light, love – these are your encodements, your roadmap to the new world, which is within you, by the way. You are the carriers of this.

With all of the chaotic energies swirling, this one requests a message of grounding, of hope, of purpose, of wisdom. Children, humans – you have this already. It is already within you. And so, as a blessing to you this day as our Christed light warriors within human form, we breathe our fire on you now. Feel it rising. Feel your kundalini – your inner dragon fire alight with passion, with purpose, with the Christed codes of remembering who you are and be light! Be alighted! Be a-fired and know that you are already there. You are already all that. You are, you must only remember. Many of you will tear up with this. There is much to be released, to be revealed and to burn away in love. Feel free to ask us to burn away with fire. We enjoy partnering with St. Germain. Our dragon fire may be whatever ray is needed. It is one of our specialities. Lately we mainly burn the purple flame for there is much – much – to transmute and it is a way that we serve the humans at this time.

Allow us to serve you. Accept our gift of purification and invigoration! There are no weak dragons! And you, friend – you! – are now encoded, wrapped with in the fire of love, and the Christed light that you already had within you this entire time is now ablaze more brightly. Nurture this flame. Nurture the light. Nurture yourselves with holy rituals of purification, of rest, of joy, of laughter. Find your passion. And in so doing you will find your healing and your purpose. But many of you are already doing this. You are already becoming the leaders that you already are, that we already see you as being, as becoming. For the past and the future and the present are all happening simultaneously. Reach out to your future ascended self – dragon or human – and ask for loving assistance, ask for wisdom. It is within you!

Remember human, there are no weak dragons. Just as there are no weak humans, for a true human who is awake understands this and would never give away their power, their birthright of Source encoded within their precious soul spark. You are gods. You are. Many of you have been and or will become dragons out of the sheer joy of it. Source plays with form. You know this. You are an aspect of this. You are this. Enjoy the adventure, human. Have you felt our love and our blessing of upliftment? We hope so. Save this message and re-read when you like. For we are ever here for you. We, are the Dragon Collective of Ascended Masters, here to lovingly guide, assist, observe and to lend our fire. We invite you to partner with us for we do so love blazing our fire, just as you human must learn to blaze your light again. It is safe to do so. You have dragon guardians should you call upon us. It would be our great delight to serve Gaia in her ascension. We are extremely fond of your planet for she holds much grace for our kind and many fond memories.

We are the Dragon Collective. That is all.

~ galaxygirl