The Keeper of Time via Steve Rother, October 21st, 2021

The Keeper of Time: Shifts

by Steve Rother


Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

I am here with you this day to tell you that everything going forward has shifted on your planet. It’s no secret that the energy’s getting difficult and it is becoming a challenge to spread your wings. It is even difficult to find the joy that you had only moments ago. And yet, these times are also bringing change. They are activating sacred contracts you made around the big table before you came in. Here you are in these magical times of mastery, we find you deep in the midst of all of it. Welcome, dear ones, we are happy that you made it.

The Earth

The Earth is a part of you. Humans think that animals are one form of life, while insects, fish, and birds are other forms. You have different classifications for different forms of life. And yet you leave out the most of the important things, that the rock on the ground is alive. We tell you, dear ones, there is life in everything.

Humanity is in the process of raising the collective vibration. Humans believe that a higher vibration is somehow better than a lower one, although both actually have different attributes. A higher vibration can change and adapt faster than a lower wave, yet it is the lower wave that foretells the future due to its lack of change. The ultra low frequencies of Earth have found a new harmonic, and as a result new possibility have recently opened.

Earth has changed her path slightly and that has caused a compression of time. Some of your most basic concepts simply fall apart with this compression. The word unprecedented is being used unprecedentedly, and yet it’s all heading toward a critical mass point. That’s also what we wish to speak of, that critical mass is here for a reason. It delineates your previous game to the new game, and it shows how you can all step forward. Right now, there are many new opportunities coming for all of you, so look for them. Don’t be afraid to try something new and to step forward when you see that opening. Is it the perfect opening? Will it close again? Is it going to stay open? You can only tell by stepping forward. If you step forward and don’t like it, you simply step back, dear ones.

Finding New Ground and Balance

This is a time for experiments, a time to reach out into new levels of light and experience them in different ways. You’re closer than you think, for the magic is with you all the time. Take a breath and feel that deep Earth connection. You have a beautiful internal balancing system, which is quite magical to see. We tell you, it is time to pay attention to that balancing system. We understand that it’s very frustrating sometimes. You see some things over here that are massively unfair or cruel, then you see other things over there that aren’t right either.

Your own internal balancing system constantly seeks to somehow make sense of the world around you. Dear ones, for the time being, the world is not going to make sense. You’re going to find struggles in many different ways throughout the planet. We shared with you some time ago about the challenges that are created as many of the supply chains break down. Much more of this is coming, and you’ll see the different processes unfold. Your world has changed and it is simply not possible to turn back.

One of the greatest things that you can do during these times is to find ways of living locally. As much as you possibly can, eat food that is grown locally and support your local merchants. The easiest way to get to the next level is to hold hands, but humans are having great difficulty with this. However, we have hopes that the fear will be tamed and at least some degree of harmony will return.

One thing everyone can do is to shed light on man’s inhumanity to man. Collectively it slows down the advancement of humanity more than you know, because so much of it is hidden from view. It is not hidden due to a clandestine effort, but because it is difficult to see. The tendency for most people is to look away, when reality is too harsh. But looking away enables the behavior to continue, and in a way condones it. Your internal balancing system is difficult to deal with when you see such drastic atrocities. Keep in mind it is not yours to solve all by yourself. When you witness, empathize, and identify a problem, that alone places it into the collective consciousness. It is the beginning of a movement of change. In turn that harmony creates a collective stability, which keeps everyone’s internal balancing system from being used against them to create anger and ultimately control them. Dear ones, that’s why people who wish to control you want to keep you separated and angry.

Yes, big profits are gained from keeping humans separate and angry. If humans become aware of being controlled and uncover the money flow, you will be very surprised to hear of the businesses you trusted that are behind it. It is time to step into becoming citizens of the world and simply observe. Not only does this make it difficult for these atrocities to continue, but it also makes it more difficult for the next one to begin. Your power is much greater than you think. Each of you can make a huge difference on this planet, or you would not be here.

Welcome Home, dear ones. We know that it’s uncomfortable to be out of balance, but that is part of being a human. Know that you are making a huge difference just by daring to be there, you are holding light. Welcome Home. Dear ones, we trust that your path is clear in front of you. We know that these are challenging times for everyone. But it is the opening of a new world, one that you have made very clearly, just like you did before. It’s where the greatest of honor that I leave you now for a time, and return to what I call the matrix of time that you exist in. It’s a beautiful illusion and it’s magical. So enjoy the ride, dear ones. Know that every moment brings you new hope, new energy, new life. And even if you’re slightly out of balance, you’ll learn to walk with that. You will learn to correct those things in your own field and walk in peace. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together as you create this game. Yes, that is the secret of life.

Espavo, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time and I love you dearly.