Love is our new reality

The Master in the Crystal Kingdom, March 27th, 2022

Beloved Light Creatures, beloved people on earth,

Open your hearts to the inner wisdom that you carry with you into this incarnation and that will help you find your way in the emotional storm that is now blowing on the earth.

Beloved Light Creatures, you are all so ready in your interior for the great cleansing of old patterns, karma and distorted perceptions of what makes you happy.

You are far from surprised by what is happening now. In your higher parts you have waited and now you clap your hands in joy over the ascent that takes place.

You ARE of the light and your incarnation is largely about helping the original human being to reconnect with himself in his heart after a long time in separation.

You have incarnated on earth and chosen to experience the low-vibrating energy that has guided and controlled man for many lifetimes. You have chosen to experience the joy that IS CONSTRUCTED by man in a separated state. A joy that can now be VERY difficult to let go of as it is the only joy that exists “for real” in the human perception in the physical incarnation.

Open yourself to the real joy in your hearts and ask for help to see the constructed joy created with the help of thrilling commercials on TV and snapshots taken by your influencers on social channels.

The human REQUESTS created through these make you lost and cause you to lose the direction that leads you back to the light in your soul. Think for a moment about what you would like in your life if media on TV, computer and telephone did not exist. You are fed around the clock with “constructed happiness” which leads you further and further away from your own REAL lives. Where do you think these roads REALLY lead?

The emotions that now flare up on earth are all created out of FEAR AND DESIRE. With all due respect for your human experiences, we ask to draw your attention to the fact that FEAR is very easy for you to want to clear out and leave, but that your DESIRE is very challenging for you to want to leave as they are connected with the three-dimensional dreams of the FUTURE that you have created in your senses to move on in the heavy dimension where YOU ARE NOW YOUR FOCUS. You do not remember real high-frequency happiness in the present yet and it makes your desire to let go of the pretend happiness created by low-vibrating energies on earth very small.

Desire and SELF-REALIZATION are two completely different emotions that are important to distinguish between. Allow yourself to FEEL everything you feel in your minds and bodies. You will be cleansed and purified from low vibrating energies now and a new clearer HAPPINESS IN THE NOW will become your reality.

Allow yourself to reflect on your dreams about the future and what these dreams do to you NOW. Self-fulfilling dreams, thoughts and feelings make you calm and happy in the present as they come from your soul and are within reach of your physical creation. Desire makes you stressed and anxious as they are not on your higher path. You will live on in your physical world filled with nice things and things that you want to REALLY have in your life.

When the storm blows over, you are facing a wonderful new time with new perspectives and new emotions.
We love you all unconditionally and walk every step with you whenever you wish.