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The Oracle of Delphi via Beatrice Madsen January 19, 2019

The Oracle of Delphi

January 19, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

Humanity has now come to the point in their development that they start to know themselves better. All these thousands of years have been necessary for her to get to know herself, deeply. One could say that Earth, our beloved Gaia, now has gone through and does go through the dark night of the soul and you with her.

Before one gets to know oneself deeply there are constantly projections of one’s own shadowy side onto others. For that matter not only the shadowy side, but all kinds of repressed sides – it can even be talented sides, happy sides and more. To project is an obvious side in humanity’s development, but now you are at the stage where you “take yourself home”.

You mirror yourself in the reality you live in. Depending on which eyeglasses you have on you see reality through those eyeglasses. It is an excellent and very good school to rub shoulders with others who have their eyeglasses and friction or love, play and/or fellowship/isolation appears.

Everything you are sending out now is coming back at higher speed. Earlier you might have lived a life with the same access and lessons, but now you will ever faster manifest your wishes and you are also encountering your own negativity or repressed projections – that which you have put onto others, while you in fact carry it.

When you take back the whole of you and dare to see yourself as you are you automatically take back your own power and force. One could say that you go into your own individual mystery school and in this way become your own magician.

Be secure in that you as your own magician can create the reality you want to live in and have a very exciting life. That which you call robots and intelligent machines can do and accomplish quite a lot. However, remember that they cannot create. It is you soul beings that are the new Gods and be now focused on creating a good, benevolent and loving world.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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