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A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, January 18th, 2019

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

January 18th, 2019

Channel: Carina


There are those of you who now start to feel much relieved about no longer being enslaved in the old times. The old ways of thinking are giving way and you start to feel at ease with who you are and what you have accomplished up to now in your lives.

You are now slowly but surely moving towards a time of more love. The old now disappears and is replaced with a now that makes you more lastingly in tune with a higher energy in yourselves – a higher consciousness.

To live in the now has been a mantra that you have been taught through the teachings that have blossomed on your planet during the last 10-15 years. The now that you could perceive in the old times were for you a beginning to the now that you will live in when you enter into the New Era. To live in the now in the New Era will not only be perceived as focusing on a moment, but will be perceived as your eternal eternity. The feeling in the now of the New Era will be that you wish to make choices for yourselves that make you happy for eternity, not only for the current moment.

When you now move from your old now to your new now you will start to make choices for yourselves that are more sustainable. For instance regarding what you nourish your thoughts with. During the old days you had very many different thoughts all the time. These thoughts could stress you since in one moment you felt that you wanted to make choices that made your happy for the moment, but that in the next moment hit back at you with the opposite force and made you unhappy.

Your new now will mean that you feel that you want to let go of all these stressful thoughts that many times have opposed each other and instead connect yourself with a feeling of happiness and peace the whole time. You will feel done with thinking a million thoughts per day, which emotionally throws you back and forth. You will feel a need for letting go of the thoughts and replace them with feelings of durable peace and happiness. You will also no longer have a need to connect your feelings of happiness and peace with a certain physical result. You will simply not care what expression your happiness and peace takes in your life on the Earth, as long as you can have these feelings you will be satisfied. Your lives will be much calmer and a lasting bliss will ensue.

In the New Era you will also feel that your trust is strengthened. Many of you have already started to feel this, which makes you calmer and in peace. Faith in yourselves and faith in the actual creation process will be very strong. You will remember the obvious fact that like attracts like and when you have feelings of peace and happiness these feelings will manifest in physical form in your lives in a very expressive and beautiful way. Trust and faith will replace your old need to control how you create and the exact result you desired. It will together with your new now make it so that you will be very happy.

To all of you who do not experience any of the above yet, but who are still battling with all the old three dimensional feelings I just want to say that you can be completely at ease. You have all started your displacement to a higher dimension and nothing will stop it. The veil that lies between the old and the new dimension is getting thinner and you adjust to the new exactly as your own soul had envisioned.

Your bodies are severely tested by the new energy upgrading. Many feel exhausted and nauseous, stressed and with pain in general, but primarily in the head. Remember that the body is doing its very best to keep up with the development that is coming along very quickly now. By eating high energy foods and drink water you help your body in the adjustment phase you right now are going through. Perhaps you find that you are having a hard time getting used to another diet than what you are used to and then we suggest that you start to complement the old food with vegetables, fresh fruit, dates and nuts that stimulate your own energies in the right direction. You will all adjust to a new diet in the New Era when your feelings about what you want to eat will change.

You have a wonderful time ahead of you my dear humans. The journey you now are making in yourself is fantastic and we rejoice seeing your self love increase so quickly and so extensively.

Give us a hint if you want our help. We are here in each moment of your eternal now.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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