The Guardians of the Changing Tide via Karen Vivenzio, January 19th, 2019


The Guardians of the Changing Tide via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, you are a shining light in a sea of ever increasing light – waves of new energy washing over you – shoring you up for the incoming tide. Speak to us dear child. We wish for you to speak your mind. For so many years you have remained silent, taking it all in. Now is the time for letting go and letting your words flow. To hearts and minds that may be closed, surrender to the issues at hand and allow your Mother and Father in Heaven to increase the light that is spreading through you out into the world. The universe is large and the obstacles before you quite small when you look at it from our perspective dear child. Is it really so hard to just let it go? To allow your hands and heart to open and for our love to flow?

For when you hang on to misery and earthly / emotional circumstance, you close the doors we wish to open – open your hands – give us your troubles, allow us to heal you from the inside dear child. Allow our wisdom to flow into your heart and mind and ignite the light you wish to shine.

Brightening the light

Holding you close

Absorbing for the masses you wish to help

Allowing our words to flow

Allowing your troubles to be healed

Renewing your faith

Each time you let go

You allow the universal flow

Of Love and Light to enter your life

It is not for you to solve dear child

Allow the light of the universe to transmute and transform

What once was the norm is no more

For you have agreed to move forward

Into lands unknown, uncharted waters

Setting your sail upon the winds of change

Allow us to help guide your way

Allowing is the name of the game

Not control

Not taking matters into your own hands

But receiving the Grace of God these days demand

For you are in love with the way your life has been but you have no idea of the beauty of what is coming in

In order to receive this inner bliss, you must release the woes that keep you locked in to the way things have always been

Allow us to shine more light into your life

Allow the winds of change to blow ever bright ever bright

For we are the guardians of the changing tide

And you are the masters of the new world where you are soon to reside

Time to let go and get on with your life

Ever bright Ever light

Walking with you in peace and de-light

Getting you ready for what will soon transpire

The purging of guilt and unnecessary desire

Walking with you hand in hand – opening your heart to where we see you in the higher dimensions

Free and full of blessings and love

Light and airy

At one with the Angels and Your Mother / Father God

Knowing you are worthy to receive and allowing the blessings to flow to Thee

For your majesty is just beginning to shine, just beginning to realize the changing of the tide and what it means for building your brand new life

Time to shine dear child, time to shine

For you are becoming the beacon you were always meant to be

Open your heart to new beginnings and allow the changes the space to flow into your life and all you desire

For we are the messengers to set your heart a fire

Igniting the flame of love that burns deep within

Bringing in the new – within and all around you



With love and blessings, Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s Time to Embrace the Divine in YOU!