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The Council of Radiant Light via Eric, January 20th, 2019

The Council of Radiant Light

We are,” The Council of Radiant light”, and come forward at this time. Though this one, to project much joy and happiness upon yourselves.

Much is being exposed at this time, cleansing, washing away the old. The flood gates are open. Understand that what is inside you cannot be locked up forever, as now is the time to pour out the contents and sort through the gifts. With you doing the sorting, esoteric in nature and being drawn from deep within, (from your Akashic Records).

Your Innate consciousness, (Every cell in your body has its own) is working closely with your higher self and is pulling the plug on certain aspects of your life at this time. Some people are being pushed out the door, this is being done to allow new experiences to manifest.

It might seem that you are wondering out in the DESERT, but this is not so, Karmic wheels or cogs once aligned shall bring about the next chapter for you. There is much depth to be experienced and understand that nothing is linear, all is Quantum. Much is to come in regards to this as your bright minds realise that they have had the wool pulled over their eyes.

Realities will De – Materialize, literally. Physical will become non physical.

Shaking, electrical storms, events and releasing of energies, to balance and calm. Great excitement and uncertainty there shall be.

Like children sometimes you just need to trust and have an open Heart.

In Love and Light always the Council.

With ‘Jeremy”, being my contact

Jan 2019