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The Pleiadian Collective via Beatrice Madsen, November 22nd, 2018

The Pleiadian Collective

November 22nd, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


So, we are with you beloveds. We hold a space for you and our task is to assist you in you in this time of transformation. We have always assisted you and we belong together. We look forward to soon meeting you directly. The frequency is now getting high enough that it is possible, but we await orders and the right moment. Some of you have already met us on physical level, but cannot share this quite yet for fear of being ridiculed and taunted. We must have some more patience.

For us who hold several octaves higher vibrations it can be very painful and hard for our bodies to enter into Mother Earth’s atmosphere. Possibly we can liken it to if you want down into a deep mounting shaft, where the also the space is narrow. You would find it harder to breathe and to see, and your density would feel heavier. You would immediately long to leave. However, as I mentioned it is now easier for us when the vibrations have become higher and we want to start to prepare for a meeting for those that want to. You do not need to be afraid. You will feel in your hearts that we want you well – maybe also a recognition that we hope for. Our meeting will be like a catalyst for your cells and doors will open on a non-conscious level and will be felt for a long time after.

Finally our beloved, our distant relatives we will meet again.

Even if you believe where you are in your small room that you want to meet us it can be something else when it really is about to happen. How will you know after having been fooled and taken advantage of time after time? We recommend that you let go of your intellect when you meet us, in about the same you as you do when you are out in nature.

When you spend time in nature and in Mother Earth absolute closeness you do not use your left brain in this meeting. You absorb the tree, the stone, the air, the grass and the sky all together. You know that nature is good for you and you feel energized by her presence. You feel the same way with us in the meeting with you. You know, not with your mind, but with your cells that we are benevolent. Your cells receive our vibrations.

Our purpose for meeting with you is to strengthen you in the ascension process. The knowing that you are on the right path becomes clearer and more secure deep inside you. It will feel like coming home after having been on a very long journey. During this journey some of you have departed far from your real self and it can become a painful reunion. However, this pain is of a positive constitution and it carries with it healing and joy in the end.

We love you and look forward to a dear reunion and we want you to know that we only come when you are ready and we are invited by the longing of your heart.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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