Love is our new reality

Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, November 25th, 2018

Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio


Dearest children, there is a better way – to see and be in the world that we would like to show you today. It is a world full of hope, where the many encumberances of the modern world are lifted into a higher realm. Where the fear of dis-ease and safety and worrying about the mundane and the trivial take a backseat to the emergence of a brand new world. Where money is supplied for all your needs and in fact becomes a leftover remnant that is no longer in need. It is a place of wonder and amusement where love is the primary factor underlying everything and a state of bliss is no longer elusive, you are all embraced and kissed by the Creator’s love and all is shining lit from within and from above. The wonderments of Earth and all she provides, shining forth in the moment so sublime. For there is coming a time when all cares will be pushed aside, and all will choose to live once again in such light. For life without light is a dangerous sort, lives well led but living off course. Choose to set the boundaries dear ones, of what you will allow into your lives and what has run its course. Put the bad to bed and the rest to move on, for living in the light of luxury is where you belong. You are surrounded by angels who tend to your every need, and the love you give back to them supplies them with what they most need. To ease their vibration and the power it takes to run, allowing the infinite flow of love is what will lessen the burdens dear ones. For you put forth all that you deserve and in turn the flow of energy, the boomerang of love, will bring to you all that and more dear ones. But first you must let go of that which you have been holding on. Allowing the love to flow and bring you where it needs to dear one. For you are a beacon of hope and a blessing of love and a bringer of truth to the Mother we love, the Mother that sustains us through Heaven above and right here on Earth sweet ones. For you are the children of heavenly love and you are the teachers for your fellow passengers on Earth – travelers through many dimensions and landing on Earth, you have brought many lessons in love with you dear ones. It’s time to drop the baggage carried for many lifetimes and lift your primary essence, the spirit of love that dwells deep inside, into the higher dimensions one last time. This is your final ride into the heavenly realms of heaven on earth where you will now learn to reside, one bright heart, one loving soul, one at a time the sparkles of love that you are deep inside will now return to the Creator’s heart and mind and all will live in harmony and reverence at this time.

Many blessings to you – we are the leaders of the tribe, the angels on earth and in heaven – one last time, we are calling you forth to your highest and best , to live what you love and demonstrate it yet, allowing the legions of light that surround you to fill you with ever more light – strengthening your hope and your desire and allowing every more brilliant absorption of your divine essence to flow into you and embrace you and surround you at all times. For you are the beacons of hope we are the messengers of light. Blessing you and your worlds tonight.

In love light and blessings divine we are the Children of Light – calling all souls to find the essence of love in your own hearts and minds. I AM Your Mother Divine and You are all my blessed children of light. In love, and laughter I embrace you dear child for you are a holy creator, a vessel of love and we call upon you now in the final moments before time will shift again and all the people on earth will once again become friends. Holding hands and embracing each other, the light within you will find the others. Like moths drawn to the flame, the holiest of lights will unite us in one light one flame one spirit of love, and all will be well on the brand new spectre of earth. The transition has begun, let us all remember to be one in the spirit of love. Soon we will find ourselves in peace and blessings so well deserved, for we are the beacons of hope spreading the transformation across the world.

No need for worries, no need for gold, letting go of all that is old / no longer needed in the new world.

With love and blessings, Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s time to embrace the Divine in YOU!