Love is our new reality

Archangel Gabriel via Lee Degani, November 24th 2018


Each thought you have finds other thoughts that are of the same vibration and they form together to create a reality. Channeled by Lee Degani.

I AM Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpeter of Truth, Bringer of Joy and Archangel of Communication. And so, today I come to you to speak about communication and yes, your thoughts are one way that you communicate. Know that every thought that you have makes a difference and has its place.

You are aware that you want to have the thoughts that are what you would call more positive, but we would say are of a different frequency. Know how powerful these thoughts are. For each thought you have finds other thoughts that are of the same vibration and they form together to create a reality.

The thoughts that you have that you would term the lower or negative, we would say, have a different frequency and yes, a lower frequency, a lower frequency than love. Yes, love does have its own frequency, beloveds, as do each one of you. But those thoughts also find their way and create their own reality. So [as] you are going through your day, which reality are you living in? If you find yourself in the reality that you do not wish to be in, it is as simple as going into your heart and also changing your thoughts.

That is why we ask you to have thoughts that are based on love, thoughts that are coming from your heart, and yes, thoughts can come from your heart beloved. Thoughts from the heart spread out and form waves and waves of rainbow light.  They form their own grids, they form their own worlds, they form their own universes.

And you may enter into any of those universes at any time. Perhaps we can even call them, for your sake, dimensions. The dimensions are enhanced and are formed by your thoughtforms. The universe is ever changing and ever evolving and you, each one of you, is so powerful that you have that ability to actually go in and enhance the dimensions.

So what are your thoughts? What are your thoughts before they are laced with emotion? Be cognizant of them, be aware of them, be careful with them. The thought is as powerful as a word, for power is given to a thought, and when you add the emotion to it, it becomes even more powerful.

Is it possible to go in and work with the thoughts that you wish you did not think? Yes, that is possible too. All is possible, beloveds and so we would ask you when you have those memories of thoughts and you see where they lead to, go in and change the thoughts. Send them love. Change them the same way you change a story, and that will affect the reality that those thoughts have formed.

Yes, you are that powerful, and you are learning with each experience how powerful you really are. We applaud you for this and we honor you. Invite us, invite us to help you work with your thoughts and we will be glad to do so. It is our absolute joy.

I leave you now with the thought of joy, with love of joy, with the thoughts that your thoughts can lead to joy. Farewell.

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.