Love is our new reality

The Angels via Jenny, November 22nd, 2018

We Say Thank You

We thank you. We thank you for your opening hearts. We thank you for your growing consciousness. We thank you for the light you carry; we only want to fill you with more. So thank you for inviting us to the beauty that is your very life. By your invitation we can help you in so many ways. Let us.

It becomes clear that by communing with us, by connecting with the unseen realms that are ever present, you are saying Yes to the good in the world and in yourself. You allow good fortune by that small but powerful nod. “Yes,” you say, “Come into my life. Let me feel the grace that your company brings. Yes to the beauty. Yes to the love.” For it is love that aligns us and connects us. Love of the Mystery, the All, the One.

On a day such as this one, when you set aside your daily concerns and make a place at the table for the stranger, we ask you to invite the dark smudge in your heart also. The strong word or careless remark, let that also come to the table. Let all of yourself be welcomed. There is bounty that awaits all of you—every part of every one.

Dear Children of Light, you are so magnificent—in your earnest striving for kindness, equality, and justice; in your love of truth and action in its behalf. In these ways you further the growth of awareness for all. In your prayers and in your acts of kindness you demonstrate the best that you are.

So let us overlight you all this day, and the next, and the next also. Let the support that we offer be real to you. Stop again right now and just feel us near.

In this moment love is real. It is in you and for you. We are Ambassadors of the Light, bringing this grace directly to you. Thank you for receiving this love.

We bless you now and always.