The Pleiadians via Ann Marie, August 3th, 2018

A Platform for Change 8/3/18

The illusion can overshadow your gifts. You must learn to recognize what is and what is not. It is this recognition which will lead you to a greater understanding of yourself and the gifts you possess.

To help bring these gifts to the surface you may draw up memories of happiness. In these memories you can acknowledge the reasons for the happiness. What were you doing, who were you with, how did you feel while certain experiences and interactions were occurring? The answers are the clues. You may pursue it from there.

Trust the information you receive. They are messages from your soul to the conscious you. Integrate this information and use this “new” knowledge as a platform for change.


Rules of Engagement 7/25/18

There are reasons for the way we operate. There are universal laws which restrict interference between planes. We may contact you only if you engage us. This engagement may not necessarily be direct. It may be transmitted through the intention of your desires if they are on a compatible frequency with your life’s mission.

There are some who say they want to engage, yet they are fearful and the fear is actually telling us to refrain. However, we are able to show ourselves in subtle ways to transmit love. For example, as dragonflies.

Because it is in your nature to be fearless, you have been able to connect with us so strongly. This is part of who you are and this gift of courage has served you throughout all your lifetimes.

A Grain of Sand 7/30/18

The world you live in is a place of great beauty if you allow yourself to see it. As arduous as this existence can be at times, you are not meant to spiral into despair and desolation.

Look for the good, the beautiful, the pleasure—SEE THESE THINGS. Happiness is a state of mind, a choice. You can choose to see the terrible, to listen to the doom or you may choose to see the wonderful and listen to the laughter, the hope.

It is easy when you do not perceive immediate results that you wish to experience to wallow in self-pity and pessimism. But even a grain of sand must travel thousands of miles to create for you the beach you love.

Enjoy your journey.