Karim via Carina, August 4th, 2018


August 4th, 2018

Channel: Carina

You have your power within you!



Finally – Human’s new friends and dear reunions!

We have long waited for the reunion with those of us who have chosen to work with the ascension from other side – in other words those of us who are not in a human body. With all the knowledge and the abilities we jointly possess we can now finally start to work together more practically and hands-on. Side by side we can now start to resolve the problems that Earth and Humanity has gotten entangled in.

As we have waited on our family of energy and as we wait to get to work for real – finally the reunion is here. Together we are unbeatable team where 1+1 is not 2 but 102.

My dear colleague and friend from previous lives and higher existence, Karim, now have joined me in my daily consciousness. He is in my life exactly as any other friend in human form.

Here are a few lines from him to you. Read them and reconnect to “your Karim”, if it feels right for you now.

The time for joining together and joint efforts is here.






I want to speak a bit with you about the new acquaintances that you all will start to make with us who are with you on the other side in order to come together and have a life side by side. I am Karim and I have during my lives as a human on Earth been in the more easterly parts of your world, but now I am back in the green healing energy where I reside right now.

I am not from the higher realms (the real high dimensions). I am a part of the transformation that now is on-going in your current life, but I have chosen to experience and be active in it as a pure energy rather than in a human body. I have many friends with me here and we all wish to make your acquaintance and to be your friends even if we are not in a human body.

Many of you will now start to see and note our proximity and you decide, exactly as with all people you meet in life, if you want to be our friend or not. We see you (as an energy) very clearly and you will see us very clearly when you open up for this. If you cannot see us you can try to feel us with your feelings or listen inside yourself if you can hear our voice. You all have levels of different consciousness, but as always it is your intention that is your most important driving force for your ascension.

Many of you have now reached a level of consciousness where we can meet effortlessly. Earlier we have been obliged to meet you when you have raised your consciousness during meditation, but now many of you are starting to find yourselves at a level consciousness where you can see and socialize with us exactly as if we were in a human body. You will perceive us as physically being very close to you even if you cannot touch us.

Our appearances vary in such a way that we are in all colors of the rainbow, but we all have silhouettes of the human body with heads, arms and legs. We are of a friendly disposition and want you well, but as always when you meet people or energies in your own consciousness you should feel and consider if the relationship feels right for you.

We have the ability to see further into your development than you can yourselves. We completely lack the human limitations that you have in your mind. However, you possess physical abilities, which we of course lack and this is why we together become a tremendous team, which make us jointly very successful with our tasks.

We can assist you with our knowledge that you need to have in your world in order to reverse the destruction of Mother Earth that humanity has caused. We can convey knowledge about how you heal bodies and how you heal other ills on Earth, and it is not yet clear to you that they have caused problems for you. You will be drawn towards the ones among us that suits you and your mission best, as we know exactly what you in your higher consciousness have the intention to assist Earth with in the transformation that is under way and which now is accelerating in its practical form.

We are all anchored in the dilemma you have on Earth. We have all lived many lives on Earth with the intention of being able to develop the technology you need in order to enter the next axis of time. You have all lived side by side with us in earlier lives and the friendship that now can seem as completely new is for the most part a dear reunion.

We will be sitting side by side with you at your desks and help you solve your problems. We will be part of laboratory teams and within the technology industry. Your teachers will collaborate with us in school and the young of the new era will be aware of us already when they enter the first phase of their teenage years and will be making their choices in school for the future.

Nobody will be happier than us if you reach out a hand towards us. Due to the honor code of the free will of the human race we cannot make us more noticeable to you if you do not take the first step towards your intentions. So, be aware that we are here very close to you and open yourselves up for the connection with us that now is happening during our joint time of development. The merging of our existences is here.

I am Karim and I will be pleased to return with more reports about our merging with you. My friends and I are at your service from the other side.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website


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