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The Starship UNEA via Iris Kähler, July 4th, 2019


07 / 04 / 2019 The Starship UNEA – Energetic Changes

“We are the crew of the UNEA and we welcome you. Joy resonates because we live our dream. Far-reaching measures are taken to benefit all earthlings who are connected to the flow of life and to the completion of their potentials.

Every soul goes the way of light and is connected with the primeval knowledge. We look at the changes. Energies of knowledge and wisdom wash through the bodies and souls. Fragments of memory strengthen the unity stream. And we are also on the spot, a little off the beaten track we observe the events. Our tasks are manifold. Thus we direct knowledge streams in the desired direction and form light substances for transmissions.

We see a tension and an elongation. The tension is a process that expands to eventually release the ancient energies. The elongation is part of the expansion to let in larger fragments of God and streams of light. Everything merges into each other. High radiations are now effective locally. They are very strongly flooding your inner planes to realign you. This can cause many side effects. The Light has truly arrived at you. So open yourselves to it and greet it warmly. You have waited so long for it.

We stand by you, see your processes and how you integrate the Light. Everything flows with the degree of openness. Much of what you have considered important and relevant so far is now moving into the background. You recognize your soul essence and follow its instructions. Spectra of universal light are passing through fields. Other light is processed from now on. The perceptions change strongly because they adapt to the 5D – mode. Multiple knowledge can thus flow in and be used. And now we hand over to our commander Unar.

Unar greets you, dear ones. Today I would like to remind you that you are the pioneers of knowledge and wisdom. You bring back what was once expressed in the advanced civilizations and the continents of light. The Christ consciousness may be experienced, it may be lived. It is integrated in every single cell. Every single one of your cells is sacred.

Reality has always existed and today there is a new and unique access to it. Our medium has just received a new exchange of energies. You will now be increasingly urged to renew your energies. You will sometimes feel as if you are in another vibrational or energy space. Let this happen. There are new adjustment processes going on there.

We all welcome your efforts to anchor the UNEA light net. More countries have been reached and the light of this network is spreading. A connection is created that can have an all-embracing effect. Everything is connected with each other and flows through new being structures. An exchange that goes beyond the earth orbit into space and attracts similar things.

We thank you for your help and support as well as for your belief in a better and more loving future. Keep up this vision. With my blessing and love I say goodbye to you. I am Unar, Light Ship – Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light.”


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