Love is our new reality

The Angels via Jenny, July 4th, 2019

Sending a Love Stream

You have to know you are big enough to carry light. And then, of course, the more light you carry, the more light there is. You get lighter by admitting more light into your life. We speak as if it’s a quantity, and it is in this way. Archangel Michael teaches that light magnetizes adamantine particles of sacred fire light to itself and adds to your light.

We call it clean love; no stickiness at all. Pure unconditional love. It is easy to send it out streaming, palms up, to each one you see. Often you have the thought sense of someone. When you send a love stream, a wave of bliss rolls over you. This chair, this window, the stripes of the curtain— interwoven with light. Every thing, everyone you see. See yourself as a volcano of light, up flowing from the top of your head, rippling down, out over you, out to your country and your world.

Now we also send healing through these words. They hold a vibration. It is thrilling to watch the light-filled work unfold—holding, sending, carrying, radiating ever-present, healing, loving light. Angel light. Divine light.

We call forth light on this day, using these words as a vehicle for light. By the great love of the Angels, it is here in the lines, in the thoughts, in your hearts. Let the light seep out through you all this day. Let light infuse every moment. Let light in, in this lovely, subtle way. This is a way to freedom.