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Three female energies from the higher worlds via Carina Davidsson, October 19, 2018

Three female energies from the higher worlds

October 19, 2018

Channel: Carina Davidsson

Relations between men and women are being balanced!

We are three very beautiful and intelligent female energies in the higher worlds who have discussed and noted that you women on Earth now finally have the ability to take back all your energies to yourselves and create the balance that you so long have lacked in your bodies and lives. We now want to share this beautiful truth that you so long have waited to experience on your beautiful Earth.

To be a woman in the lower worlds has always been very challenging and difficult. One of the big dilemmas you have had on Earth has not been to exist as you are, but to keep your energy to yourselves.

The male energies are not capable of existing without the feminine energies, while the feminine energies easily can exist without the male energy. Briefly stated in human language we could thus say that women get along terrifically well without men, while men find it infinitely hard to emotionally get along without women.

The masculine energy has never been intended to be an energy that is viewed as mean or stupid. It has only been intended to as a strong force to produce and create practical things and to get things done.

The male palette of energies is much more limited compared to female energy. It is for this reason that the male energy needs the female energy at his side in order to do well. The female energy is very emotional and contains plenty of the love that the male energy lacks. The life of a male energy thus comes up short on content and meaning and becomes meager if it cannot reason or discuss with a female energy.

Since the male energy does not do well being without the female energy many male energies in our world reached the conclusion that there are some effective ways to secure that the loving female energy at their side will not abandon them. One way that has worked well on the sensitive female energies is to frighten – to issue threats, manipulate and try to close in the female energy so that it will not abandon them. Another way has been to forever take care of the female energy and all the time committing acts so that the female energy becomes impressed and happy. In the latter case the female energy spins her love towards the man’s energy and he gets to take part of what he himself wishes to have, but is lacking.

You have come to the end of the road with this game about love now! You have all, men and women, chosen to regain your balance within yourselves and in your relations so that you can feel good without being afraid. This balancing is in unison with Mother Earth’s own rejoining of male and female energies within herself.

You are today many women who live alone in the Western worlds. You have chosen to live alone in order to develop yourselves and find your way back to the love you have within you. You have taken back the power that you always have had, but never were aloud to have in peace. You have many times loved the men you have left physically. However, deep inside you knew you could not be free as long as you lived in fear with a man.

You are free now! There is no fear left among the men and they no longer need to master you in order to get your love energy. The men have achieved peace in their male energy, which has the effect that you now can regain your freedom and live side by side in your own energy. The New Time is here and the New Balance within All That Is has arrived. You are free! Go out in your beautiful world and love each other, side by side in eternal love – beautiful you.

In an eternal dose of female love we thank you for having listened and read!




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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