Universal Mother Mary via Genoveva Coyle, March, 2019


Can you feel my admiration and delight with all the wonderful work that you have just completed? Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my sweet Annas! Greetings! I AM Mare’, I AM Universal Mother Mary, Mother of Love, Mother of Hope, Mother of Ascension, Mother of thee, and Mother of all.

It is with great pride that I come here today, my dearest children, the brave and strongest of the strong, to congratulate thee, to love you, to embrace you and enfold you in my blue cloak, so that you can feel my admiration and delight with all the wonderful work that you have just completed. Yes, for some of you there might still be a few details to attend to, a little polishing and little dusting to be done, but make no mistake, you are done with this work of releasing the pain and suffering, the memories gathered in previous lifetimes, and the false constructs and falsehoods of the old third dimensionality. And what that means dear hearts is that you have opened up to your beautiful selves, to the totality of who you truly are, the perfect and complete magnificent being of love that you are.

You have removed every veil and limitation that used to stand in front of your being, which was preventing you from expressing who you really are. The memories of the old are still within your hearts, but they do not have the power to hold you in smallness any longer. They are there as references, as experiences, as accumulated wisdom, as a way to relate to others, and they are present as reminders so that you do not return to the previous ways.

You might say that in this ascended self you don’t feel much of a difference. And yet, you are evolving and expanding so fast that you ~this new you~ has to constantly catch up with your selves. There is more space around you, there is more love that your hearts are allowing to flow in a constant stream, there is more light that your entire beingness is transmitting and anchoring everywhere you go.

You are becoming more proficient in discerning where to place your efforts and energies so that you can maintain your focus on what is essential, and this is discovering and uncovering your own purpose while following My Dream and your own divine blueprint.

Are there many distractions, and some twisted drama temptations? Yes, dear hearts, but what I am asking of thee is to see them for what they truly are, small roadblocks and temptations of the old that you can rise above at any time with calm and wisdom. Do not allow frustration, fear, or anger towards those that attempt to divert thee, to lower your vibration and hold you down for too long. Recognize the game for what it is – just a temptation – and then shift your sweet selves into your hearts’ love, and into your highest vibrations. There is no need for fighting or lingering in these painful lower vibrations.

Whenever there is pain or any kind of discomfort, call me so that I can take you into my heart and see what you have forgotten and neglected about your dear selves.

Dear children of my heart, your ascended self status is a phenomenal accomplishment, but it doesn’t mean that your journey continues without assistance. In many ways, it means that there is more need of togetherness and assistance from each other, as well from your heavenly family, and you are never in any way lacking it.

I will not say farewell because I am always with thee. Stay in peace and stay with my love.

By permission.

© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.