Love is our new reality

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Universal Mother Mary via Linda Dillon, May 12th, 2021

Universal Mother Mary ~ The Sacred Role of Grandmother

This beautiful gem of wisdom is shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of One, and of course, sweet angel, Mother of thee, and I welcome you, sweet grandmother!

That is a perfect title, is it not? To be “a grand mother”! It is like an oversoul, working and protecting and loving and supporting and tending to new life, new love, new dreams, new hopes. It is a sacred, sacred role and it is a joyous, joyous role, for, as you know, I had many children.

But let me speak of being grandmother to Sarah and to Samuel. As you know, I knew full well of the role that my beloved son Yeshua came to fulfil upon this planet, this glorious planet of such magnificent bounty, of such plenty. But because of the free will and the magnitude, of course, of his mission and purpose, as Mother I sometimes… well, I won’t say I ‘worried’ but I was certainly concerned.

I wondered if my sweet son would ever know the real joy of partnership and marriage and the joy of having children, the sense of continuity – and might I say “sacred continuity” – because, dearest heart, Elle, you understand the soul contracts that are forged between ‘incoming souls’, shall we call them, and their parents and the larger family. This is very much a group undertaking.

So you can imagine my delight with Mary and Yeshua having their betrothal, but more important than that, their deep soul commitment, their unification, and my delight at their delight at having children. And my delight, my sheer joy, at knowing that the family would continue on… throughout all the struggles and sorrows, that it would continue on… which it has unto this very day.

loved those children. It was not that I did not love all my grandchildren, but these two had a special place in my heart. And certainly because of the travel in which Yeshua and Mary engaged, it would often fall to me to take care of the children, and I welcomed that. When Samuel died – yes, even knowing the continuity of the soul – I thought our hearts would never heal… that the sense of loss… it was as if the sun had left the sky. He was such a laughter baby, such a joy baby…

You will not face that, thank goodness. My point in sharing that with you is that even when you only have a child for a brief period, it does not eliminate the bond, the link, the love, the joy. And that is why it is so important never to foretell the passing of a wee one.

But I do not come this day to foretell tragedy, quite the contrary. I simply come, dearest heart, to say, “Enjoy this precious gift!” Yes, even the time of gestation, of pregnancy, it is a joy to behold – and it is a joy to behold the continuity of life, of love. It is the promise of tomorrow.

And yes, I have spoken a great deal of late that this is the time of transition, and so much has been shed, quite necessarily so, for the old lies and abuses and controls do not fit any longer. And they most certainly do not fit in the new world and the new times and the new normal. But as things are being shed, as you are witnessing right now, my beloved daughter, the New is already arriving! It is coming to life! It is blossoming all over this planet!

And yes, there are a great number of boys being birthed into the new paradigm, just as there will be many girls birthed into the new paradigm of Nova Earth. Think of it. As these children grow, it is a changed planet – and it is a planet where integrated star/human/Earth-seed combination all live and thrive in harmony and co-creation. They will inhabit and create a new way.

The gift of being the grandmother not only is that you get to witness this new generation, this new world, but that you get to teach, you get to nurture, you get to oversee. You become the safe place. You become the repository for wisdom and love and safety and security and inclusion.

Congratulations, dearest heart!