Love is our new reality

Vivamus via Kerstin Sisilla, part 1, 11 September 2020:

Vivamus del 1, 11 September 2020:


Beloved friends on the Earth.

There are strong energies swirling down over you now. Old and outdated – in terms of both thinking and actions – are drawn to the surface. Everything is put on its head. You may feel that the polarization of the Earth is increasing, but the opposite is happening, still largely in secret. But in every moment you can observe that more and more is revealed. Just unveiled, when you look behind the veil – you feel through your intuition that it is the moment of Truth.

From my point of view and if you look at Gaia’s long history, it is in comparison only a moment until everything is restored to its original state – The state of high crystalline energies that Gaia has been in far, far back in time. The difference is that Mankind is “on the train” with fantastic experiences, knowledge and wisdom to donate to the One Creator.

The learning period is over and Nova Gaia, the Golden Planet that rises high in the energies is a fact.

Beloved Friends – You have done an outstanding job. You return to a life of Love and Unity.

The last little task is only to love your neighbor as yourself – and to love yourself as your neighbor (smiles).

To be continued.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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