Love is our new reality

Vivamus via Kerstin Sisilla, part 2, 12 September 2020:


Vivamus del 2, 12 September 2020:


To move on to where we left off last;

Well, your mission Beloved Friends is to support your fellow human beings to the best of your ability so that as many as possible can return to the Spheres of Light together with Gaia.

First of all – remember who you are and why you are here and stand strong with harmony within and radiate your Light and your Love. Remember that in this play that has been going on, you have all had different roles. Remember that you (and we) are all equally close to God / the One Creator. Therefore, see the Light that is also present in the fellow human being who does or has done actions that you see as wrong.

See the little unseen and save the child within your fellow wanders on Earth. See the healthy, see the Bright Core and radiate your Light, radiate your Love. Tell your Truth, raise your Sword of Light, but see in every new moment how everything can change, in every moment of the present, miracles can happen. After each now comes a new now and everyone has the right to a new chance. Do not judge anyone, do not have preconceived notions about others. Only tell your Truth when the need arises and send your Love, your Light.

Directly from God / the Source, you radiate your energies further over the people on Earth, into their hearts – up close or on the other side of the globe. Many of you are now doing this work and it is yielding results. A crystalline light network is in place around Gaia and the outcome of the whole thing has long been decided. You are completing the work that “my brother” Jesus / Yeshua began on Earth. Use the Christ energies dear friends, this is the gift that Yeshua gave you.

As I said, the outcome / result of this great transformation / this metamorphosis you cannot influence because the Light has already won. Everyone has the same opportunity to ascend as you know. Many are on the border between ascending now and having to practice a little more in lower energies. These individuals, these Beloved fellow human beings, may only need a kind word of appreciation or a loving look to change, to begin to understand their value and to be able to take in the Love of God in their heart.

You should know that a loving thought, even at a distance, can change a lot and open a heart that can then begin to seek and find its forgotten birthright, as you Beloved Friends have already done.

Remember that everyone is equally close to God the Father / Mother and everyone is equally Beloved. This shared Love and shared Joy, it grows and grows and grows as it has now already started the Earth over.

Be in Peace, be in Love, Beloved Friends and remember that we are all together in this. You are never alone.

Your friend Vivamus



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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