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A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, February 28th, 2019

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

February 28th, 2019

Channel: Carina


Dear Lightbeings,

Never give up on your purpose to bring down the light to Earth. In the heaviest of energies in the earthly reality the absence of light become very noticeable and tangible for you dear Lightbeings. In the modern era there is a range of opposites to the light. However, you should remember that the light is the energy that is your true home and that nobody or nothing can take that away from you.

To keep your vibrations at a high level at the same time that you ground yourself has now finally become possible for you in the New Era. To open up your minds and let them vibrate with the light of pureness at the same time as you let your human thoughts and experiences fill your minds with impressions makes you strong and ready to live your new life. The aura of light that is being created in and around you human self when you consciously take down the light to yourself and let your soul fill up your human self with your crystalline truths make you very strong and indestructible. In truth you know that only love is real. In truth you know that the light is your home. In truth you know that the dark energies on Earth are only as dark temporary clouds that hide the sun a short while and that the sun is always there ready to come forward. In truth you have as a mission to spread the light in the form of loving deeds on a planet full of old dark karma and experiences that now are in need of being healed forever.

In the times of the New Era you have a very strong position as your light vibrates harmoniously with the new reality that energy wise is created by common Universal powers. The light is penetrating all areas of Earth and loosens up what has been dark and heavy. Initially the dark still has the power to protest and counter the momentum of the light with different methods. However, none of these methods can in truth hold up against the light during a longer time. The light is like water, it penetrates every nock and cranny where it enters.

Your human lives have been difficult to understand both for yourselves and others around you. Your powers have during the old times been very limited and your bodies have been brittle and fragile as you as lightbeings have lacked a grounding energy. Many of you have barely managed to move around on the Earth of the old times. You have been powerless and periodically very low in your mood. Be certain that this time is now over. Like a giant diamond of light you have now started to bring down the light the foundation of yourselves. This light gives you power and strength to manage your human lives. Your dreams of a time in the light on Earth will gradually be realized and you will experience a lightness in all that engage in, which is compatible with your souls true wishes.

The old times now meld with the Light of the New Era. One can call this process by different names, such as Transformation, Shift, Fusion or why not Upgrades of old energies. The essence is that humanity is ready to shift their ways and goals in its living. Humanity on Earth will no longer be in need of a challenge to experience happiness when they have battled their way successfully to their goals. The fighting spirit will fade, not the least due to them witnessing how you Lightbeings create success in your lives without battles, performance cravings and sharp elbows.

As lightworkers you have had a very hard time to live up to performance and fighting, which has created a feeling of failures in your lives. You will not understand that you never were equipped with this energy so that you easy and effortlessly will be able to show the way in the creation of life in the New Era. You will more peacefully glide towards your goals on Earth and you will feel satisfaction in your heart rather than in your ego. In truth you have in your energy known that you not at all need to fight to reach your goals as each incarnated human has its own gifts, path and goals that are reserved precisely for her. The battles and the competition between humans is created or rather invented from the lack in the illusion, which is built on a non-existing fear. The joy in reaching your soul’s goals in your human body will make you very happy in a way that you earlier never have experienced.

During the time of fusion many of you will suffer from stressing thoughts, aching joints, muscles and powerful headaches. When your light settles down through your bodies in order be grounded all thoughts, habits and life are coming to a point. You become stressed and experience that the ground underneath your feet is shifting and that you do not know what to do to regain your balance again. Just rest and take it easy when you can. Let these energy fusions continue without interfering in them too much. Yes, you will feel confused and maybe even desperate. However, we promise that everything will get stabilized rather quickly and you will not want to turn back time.

Give yourselves the freedom to experience that all that you experience in this process without judging or controlling it. It is a time of change that becomes very hard if you resist and try to understand what is happening before you accept your new and upgrades self.

We are many who are with you from the crystalline world’s of knowledge. You are one of us and we promised you when you choose to accept your mission on Earth that we would assist you in all ways that we could.

We assist you gladly with love, strength and courage to get through the shift that is now starting up and is well under way. Give us your had and we will accompany you. We love you all dearly and are here for you whenever you need us. Trust in love in this process.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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