Love is our new reality

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Arch Angel Raphael via Karen Vivenzio, February 28th, 2019


Turning Point – Arch Angel Raphael via Karen Vivenzio

Arch Angel Raphael here today dear Karen. For most may not know this but I AM the essence of healing and I bring to you a divine dispensation of healing elixir to cover your souls and your bodies and your spirits this day. For you have walked many lifetimes without the healing balm of the elixir of love and today is the day that all becomes encompassed / encapsulated in love. For love is the only vibration with which you should be resonating dear one. Not with fear. Not with peace. Not with joy. Focus only on love. That is the vibration from which all good things flow. This is the one constant your heart needs to know. All is love. All is light. All is well within and around you tonight. A loving unified radiant light.

Sit in the stillness of your own inner knowing.

Absorb what we are saying.

The angels of heaven surround you now – wrapping you up in their loving embrace. Thousands and thousands of symbols of God’s divine grace, coming to you energetically, filling your space with love and light. Warm wings of radiant purified light infusing and enveloping you – body, mind, and spirit – filled with divine white light – the purest substance in the universe, the loving elixir of life.

Breathe it in now

Allow the beautiful loving, healing energy to embrace you – to infuse you – to envelope you in God’s love. The source of Creation dear ones.

This is the turning point.

Before long comes the ides of March – where everything will shift, will be turned around – back on course.

There is nothing to fear when you are wrapped in God’s blanket of unconditional love. Forgive yourselves for all that has gone on, for it has gone on long enough. You have been living in forgetfulness long enough. It is time to emerge into the beacons of love and light you were always meant to be. It is time to graduate into the higher octaves of learning. It is time to bring you back home – to the nurturing light of love – for this has always been at your core – this is who you are, each of you. A gleaming beacon of hope, of peace, of LOVE. Everything in the universe is one degree of separation away from the state of pure love, and we are bringing you back into alignment with this, the holiest vibration in the universe, pure love. For we are all one and the discordant energy needs to be folded back into the heart of where it all has begun so that we can start fresh and move forward once again.

Circling around you – legions of light – thousands upon thousands of the holiest tribe. One star nation, one shining light. Filling you full with Love, pure white light – the elixir of life. Watching as you come back online, all of the souls of the dimensions melding into one purified, rarified holy light. In one magical embrace, one love, one light, one dimension – all of life, holy and bright.

With love and blessings, it is time to SHINE – find your light and let it glow for all the world to know that they too have been embraced by the light of love and that for generations to come we will all be one.


Blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s Time to Embrace the Divine in YOU!