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A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, January 31st, 2019

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

January 31st, 2019

Channel: Carina


Dear Lightworkers and dear humans on Earth.

Your time for development and energy transmissions is in full swing. You have new ideas that come to the surface today and you have a creative power that awakens the will to live in you. The obvious changes brings you out into new wanderings in yourself and the old that has done its part is leaving you without making much noise.

Breathe often consciously in and out. Follow your breathing and open yourselves up to be yourselves! Do this every day. Do it over and over again, as this is the simple and effective way to in truth feel in your heart what you want. By breathing consciously you easily let go of old patterns in yourself and exchange them for new ones that correspond to who you are of higher energy.

In the old Era you have had a tough time to give praise to each other and really mean it from the heart. It has nothing to with whether you are a good human or not. It is only connected with the fact that you in the old era have been misguided to believe that you should wish success to other, but not yourselves. Such a feeling has obviously created sorrow within each one who has experienced it. To wish others good things, but not yourselves cannot give any force left over to the one who is wishing. In the new Era it is you task to wish yourselves everything good you can think of and when you have done so there will be no problems to from your heart wish other good luck.

The new powerful energies will lift you to new heights of yourselves. When you open yourself up to the higher aspects of yourself and go within yourselves and listen to what you and your guides have to say an energy stream is established from your heart to your brain, who then immediately gives a green light for a restart. You earlier very dense and hard to navigate energy paths have now been remade and you can thus carry out something you perceive as right on your inside in a much shorter linear time. The physical world is prepared for all that you have in your heart. Thus all your wishes from the heart can immediately manifest.

During the coming times not everybody is in the same place as yourselves in matters of energy. You are the ones who move over into the higher dimensions before everybody else and you will thus perceive others as far away even if they stand next to you physically. The feeling of a distance to others can be experienced as an empty vacuum. None of these experiences have anything to do with your own development, but have been created by the New Era to make it possible for you to feel your own wishes without mixing them up with others’.

In your heart there is a mantra that repeats – “I am the lights powerful source. I am the master in my own life. I have everything needed to succeed. I am open for my new life”. This mantra is your own energy that makes it possible for you to enter into the habits of the New Era to be the power that drives your life forward. There is nobody else but yourself that will create your own life. You are all your own masters and you will all remember this shortly.

Never before have you had so many light energies in your world. The light supports the choices of happiness and love. The light makes it possible for you to break off from what has been heavy and hard. The old power abuse that has reigned on Earth is cracking and falls apart as the energies simply leave different situations as “a castle in the sky” that simply turns to smoke. An old unresolved dispute created by low vibrating energies can suddenly be resolved when the low vibrating energy leaves it and pulls away.

Those of you lightworkers that have come to Earth with a really different energy composition than the vast majority have during the last years been diagnosed with a variety of different letter combinations and diagnosis. In truth it has humored much when we have seen it from our higher world av consciousness. You with this different energy are all of a higher being and have abilities far superseding those the so called normal lightworkers and humans have. You have an energy level that is directly connected with the higher worlds and your only real problem is that humans on Earth have such a low consciousness compared with you that they do not understand you. Your actions have scarred the “normal” humans as you have been very powerful in your actions and have had a tough time to adjust to the narrow low frequency frames and rules that exist on Earth and which everybody now have as a goal to leave.

To all of you who have suffered because you have come down from this higher energy we now want to say – YOU WILL NOW FIND YOURSELF. Yes, that is the way it is. In the new Era you are head of many others and you will be able to start to live in a way that enables you to find yourself and be honored. Slowly, but surely people will start to understand that you are wayshowers on Earth and an important complement to themselves. You are those who will disclose the truth about your environment and will present ingenious suggestions for solutions. You are those that naturally think outside the box and will create new sources of energy and dare to speak up when other act wrongly with Mother Earth. You are the archangels on Earth. You are the masters of the light. Open up your heart to this truth and you will feel peace.

All humans on Earth have an important mission to be themselves. If you have come here with a somewhat strange energy that gives you the ability to think many thoughts at the same time, to be physically active that for others is not normal or are having a hard time to adjust to the social game on Earth it is extra important that you think hard and let people get used to your superpower. Let them get used to the idea that it is you who are ahead of your time and not the other way around. Show people the path into the New Era, but above all be proud of yourselves who have taken on this periodically very difficult mission of for Mother Earth and your own soul who is developing fantastically from your journey in this life.

We love you all and contribute with love to each and everyone who asks for our help.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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