A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, June 8th, 2019

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

June 8th, 2019

Channel: Carina


Dear Lightbeings, dear humans on Earth,

Open up your hearts and receive the love that we are sending to you from the higher vibration in the Crystal Kingdom’s sphere of light. The Era is now finally here and you have with much effort and power started to feel at ease again after a range of trials that appeared when you boldly and openheartedly through yourself into the new and higher frequency of energy.

In the New Era you are all back to yourselves as children of the light, thus you were forced to liberate yourselves from trauma and patterns at a level of yourselves where the light has not had access for eons of time. Your bodies have during the Era of the new times tried out the higher frequencies of light for the first time in its physical existence, and this has for your part been very trying. The energy of the old times has for many of you felt confortable and familiar and you thus have had a resistance of letting to and move on into the new era of yourselves. Others have had an easy time to let go as you have had a hard time during a prolonged period of time on Earth and have become very tired of it.

To dare let go of what has been in order to go further into what is unknown and unnatural for you has not been exactly simple for you. I want to emphasize that we during the initial revelations of the new light did not exactly know that there were some of you who would react by daring to go back to darkness yet one more time in order to experience that which has been hard during the time of the past energies. Out of love to all of you we have allowed you to do the frequency shift in the fashion that you yourself have wished, and you have for this reason periodically felt abandoned and alone in this shift. In our wildest imagination we could not believe that those of you who have chosen to go back one more time would have the courage and power to do so, but you have shown us that you certainly do not take journey as a given and chose the easiest way, but choose to go back and experience the contrast between the earlier darkness and the new light at yet one more level. If you understood how brave you are you would be might proud of yourselves, but many of you have instead chosen to see this as a failure – that you have chosen to go back instead of letting go and fly freely in the new ecstasy of happiness that you can experience in the New energy.

I can tell you that you all have made your choices of free will and that we are impressed of your strength regardless of the choice that you have made. You all have the energy of the New Era as a goal for your lives here on Earth and it certainly has a beneficial frequency for you all.

For those of you who have chosen to remain for some time longer in the third dimensional frequency we want yet again say that you have done is of free will in order to experience the span of energy that exists between the darkness and the new light. You are masters also within your own area and you know exactly what kind of experiment that you are doing. You have outstanding talents that you now are showing with full force and power and on the higher level of yourselves you are very proud of yourselves. The raising of a frequency will now be very comprehensive when you choose to go from the old era’s darkness to the light of the new one. It is exactly this experience that you are looking for when you charge your cross-bow as far back you can to then follow along in the experience of your arrow that will land much further into the light than you earlier have experienced.

We want with this message to emphasize for all of you who have chosen to remain in the dark for yet some time are in to way some kind of looser or hard to harness energy-wrecks. Instead you are the souls who have decided to be extra strong and conscious of your journey. You have the force within you to steer your ship in very high waves and you should be extremely proud of what you experience as your soul grows to infinite levels as a result. You are the master’s master and you have not only chosen to let go and ascend, but also to be aware of every step in the process, as you want to grow consciously back into your higher self’s existence in your body. Dare to trust the process that you yourselves have for yourselves. Dare to feel all the feelings that your journey reveals for you. Dare to be who you are right now in spite of the fact that you are aware that you are not the highest aspect of your selves yet. You have time and you the ability to suffer through your feelings at the lower level, just because you have such extremely high energy in your Higher Self.

We want you to understand that we are with you in this ascension regardless if you are aware of it or not. I am the true master of myself and you are the true master of yourselves. I want to give all the love and I am eternally grateful to be part of your journey.

Remember your own light – you are fantastic souls on a fantastic journey in yourselves.

All the love!




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website


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