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Adama – Telos II – Chapter 11 – by Adama, August 14th, 2023

Adama – Telos II – Chapter 11 – by Adama

Dear brothers! I AM ADAMA!

Giving continuation to our journey, we are going to talk now about the chapter 11 of the book II of Telos.

In this chapter, our brother Galatril, appears representing the city of Posid, an Atlantean city. I’m going back a little bit in time. The foundation of Lemuria, later the foundation of Atlântida, was caused by a total imbalance of both civilizations. Somehow we were induced to seek outside what we have inside. The result you know what it was.

The story has already been told many times, it is not necessary to repeat it. Within all this concept, today this Atlantean civilization knows what it provoked; how we know or what we provoke. I spent a lot of time learning, rebuilding our own souls so that we could get to where we are now. I didn’t think it was easy. Don’t think that we just hide out here in Telos and continue to live our lives normally as we always lived.

Imagine, each one of your voices today, as a person responsible for the bottom of a continent, for so many deaths. Would it be easy to perceive this all? Would it be quiet to live with isso? I guarantee to you that no. And we survived exactly because it was possible for the few that arrived here in Telos, to reconstruct our souls, and as a gratitude, or teaching and to the evolution of other souls, which today are incarnated on the planet.

We do not think that by the fact of survived thermos we are privileged in some way. I would say that we are those souls that got cold no less than the others, and could see in time what was happening. But we were a powder, we were a continent. And we know that in some way we could have avoided everything here, that we all contribute, some to a lesser degree, others to a greater extent, for what happens. In the same way, Galatril tells about Atlântida, exactly the same process.

And so we are going to do a parallel here. Or that you are living today we live long ago: in separation from Fonte, in search of power, in inequality, in the lack of Love. We live everything isso. We fell, but we got up, and today we are here as living proof that it is possible to recover, that it is possible to rise.

Where is humanity now? I don’t walk up, I don’t walk up. Will everyone ascend? No. Many will continue to be drowned, rooted in the Third Dimensional, our ephemeral joys, our vices, our inability, our attempts at superiority, to blame the principal, the one that nothing demolishes. Then you are deepened, as we deepened ourselves. It will not remain on the planet. A word deepening here is, metaphorically falando.

Those who today are looking for a return home, that many cannot understand or that it is a return home. A return home is a return to Fonte, a return to Love, a return to live within two principles of Light. Many are choosing to do this path, many are trying, many are wishing, many are trying to follow this path; And for these there is a huge chance that they ascend together with Gaia.

Those who continue to date their eyes, to smell just for themselves, to live in selfishness, to live in violence, to live in this mud that has become humanity, unfortunately will not ascend. Many of us can ask: “But if they want to get it?” Everything will depend on the path of each soul. I can’t generalize here. There are those that are submerged barely by the skin of their legs in this great mud. Then we can sit on the bench and go out at the time we want, and we will start the day. Will you get? It will depend on the commitment and strength of each one.

There are those who are drowning in water or fishing, but still have strong arms to get them out of the mud. Will it be easy? No, it won’t be, because this mud is sticky, push him down; But if we have a lot of strength in our arms and have a lot of will, we will get out, even if we have a chance. Now there are those who are submerged at this…, they have no better position in the body, or the body is inside and well submerged. I would say that I can’t see the surface, it’s so drowning in this rottenness that I can’t see more of Luz. Live or what is there, deepening more and more. You don’t have a chance.

Then let me sign, or that each one of you chooses: Remain in this mud and continue to live the joys that I have and perhaps in a future, I don’t know or how distant, you agree and decide to ascend where we will be, or this is the moment to give a great impulse and try to place the head to the outside, and try to get out of this lama. Is there time? There will always be time. Gaia still does not ascend. I cannot guarantee that you will come to her, but her soul will not be on the road and will probably ascend very soon. Nothing is wasted.

What Galatril places here in this chapter is a very large request for forgiveness, in which he places himself as a great instructor, like we do here in Telos, to teach you what not to do, or what not to repeat. But in all that is said here there is only one point that cannot be skipped: There can be no judgment. What are you judging, what are you judging? And what are you doing in all this time in Terceira Dimensão, will someone judge you in the future? Everything or what you say against the planet, against yourselves, against your souls who will judge you?

At this point, the julgment is lost, the moment is union, the moment is forgiveness, and the moment is elevation. In order to want to ascend, it is necessary to get rid of all isso that fears in the soul, and it is through forgiveness that one manages to go clear on the road. In some moment, in some situation, we judge the other. No one can judge anyone. Nem Deus Pai/Mãe face isso. Each um colhe or what plant. There is no judgment. Those who infringe the Universal Laws may be judged in the name of a people, of a civilization, but even so, the Universal Laws are created to maintain the balance of the universe; Not a simple judgment that you make of another.

Open your hearts to Telos, open your hearts to Posid. Both and many other intraterrestrial cities are open, with open hearts, to receive each one of your voices, and to show them what they are not doing, and what must be successful for their own ascension.